Let's face it: we know that there are other promotional giveaways suppliers on the Web that you could deal with.  But we value our customers and we decided long ago to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and offer our customers benefits that they can't get anywhere else


1) Better service: We believe that our customers should be able to get the custom giveaways that they want, when they want them whether it's an order of imprinted tote bags or a customized holiday gift. We know you don't always have time to plan ahead, and sometimes you need your order fast.  Our competitors charge you extra for 24-hour delivery, but we don't.  If you need a rush, we'll send you your order for the next day for the same price as regular delivery. 


2) Price-match guarantee: We believe that even small businesses and advertisers should be able to afford to invest in promotional giveaways without worrying whether they're getting the best deal available.  At ArtPromos.com, we regularly check-up on our competitors, source out the best suppliers and look for the most innovative products, all in an effort to ensure that we can give you the lowest possible price.  We guarantee it, in fact, and if you happen to find a lower price somewhere else, we promise to match it.  Even after you receive your order, we give you 15 days to find a lower price somewhere else.  If you do, we will refund you the difference.


3) Live, in-person service: We get that pictures don't always tell the whole story about a product.  That's why, when you're browsing our extensive online product catalogue, you have the option of connecting immediately to a live sales representative with just a click.  Our sales representative is not a machine or a person located in a different country.  Our sales representatives work right here in our office and have a firsthand understanding of Art Promos' products, services and decorating options.  Alternatively, we also offer the option of talking to a representative by telephone who is also located right here in our office.


4) We do everything in-house: We are not a "middle man."  We don't send your selection to a secondary facility for imprinting. Since we do everything here, we pass the resulting savings onto our customers so that we can continue to offer you the lowest prices every day on everything from customized pens to Customized mugs to imprinted umbrellas and more.


5) An "open-door" for dialogue: We don't take our customers for granted.  They are the reason that we've been in business since 1977, and we strive to continue to offer our customers what they want, not what we think they want, so we take your comments and suggestions seriously.  If you want a product that we don't have, let us know.  If you have questions about our custom products or services, give us a call or click.  We love personal contact and are always open to hearing how we can better serve the needs of our customers, no matter where they happen to be.


Why Your Business Should Invest in Promotional Giveaways


High quality products or services and excellent customer service are the absolute most important key to business success.  But even if you have the best product or service in the world, you won't be successful or profitable if people don't know you exist. Investing in promotional giveaways, such as customized calendars or imprinted caps, is the missing piece to the puzzle of business success, and though your investment will cost you up front, the payback comes later in the form of:


* Increased brand awareness.  "Brand awareness" is best described as the likelihood that a consumer is going to remember a particular brand when searching for a given product or service.  If someone asks you to think about a popular cola drink, chances are that there are one or two brands that jump instantly to your mind.  This is because that particular soft drink manufacturer has done an effective job of creating consumer "brand awareness."


One of the most cost-effective and direct ways of generating brand awareness is through the use of promotional gifts.  It puts your name directly into the hands of the people who are most likely to become your customers.  With enough exposure to your name via your gifts, you'll have achieved brand awareness.


* A cost-effective method of advertising.  Almost all small and many medium-sized businesses cannot afford to advertise using more traditional methods, like television and radio ads and billboards.  Even newspaper advertising is out of reach for many small businesses.  But even a small business can afford to invest in some type of promotional item.  Things like customized pens and pencils and promotional keychains can be purchased very cheaply and come with the likelihood of being used by the recipient, thus working toward greater brand awareness.  Even more expensive giveaways, like imprinted umbrellas or imprinted apparel are still a fraction of the cost of purchasing television or radio air time and thus much more feasible for a broader range of business owners.


* It puts your name directly in front of the people who are most likely to become customers.  A television or radio ad may or may not reach the kind of audience you are hoping to target.  Rather, they make a very broad impact which doesn't necessarily translate into increased business, particularly if your product or service is unique or specialized.


However, when you put a tactile, physical item, like a promotional tote bag or logo magnet, into someone's hand that has your name on it, it means you've already made personal contact with a person who has expressed interest in your product/service.  This consumer was already intrigued enough in what you have to offer that they came into your store or checked out your trade show booth.  Handing them that giveaway cements that encounter and gives him or her a tangible way to associate your name with your product or service.


* Encourages and builds customer loyalty.  When someone receives a promotional mug or other item, whether for free or as a gift with purchase or a reward, it helps to validate their experience with you.  People appreciate being recognized, even if it's for something as simple as being a repeat customer.  By validating and rewarding them with a promotional item, you trigger feelings of loyalty that the consumer comes to associate with patronizing your business.  This makes them much more likely to return.


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