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Choose from a Variety of Promotional bags to Reflect Your Company's Image. There are many types of personalized bags or totes to choose from. There is surely one to fit your company's image. offers a variety of bag's such as: Plastic, duffel, Beach, Canvas, Lunch, Duffel, and Backpacks, monogrammed tote bags, embroidered tote bags, laptop bags, promotional tote bags & More.
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About Printed Promotional Bags & Totes

Tote Bags are everywhere. In fact, they're enjoying a resurgence in popularity. This is due mainly to the growing awareness of the many environmental problems associated with plastic bag use. Reusable totes make a wonderful, economical and responsible alternative to plastic. Many businesses and organizations are taking advantage of this wave by using Promotional Tote Bags as advertisements.

Basic canvas and non-woven tote bags are today's most common. They make simple, washable yet strong and Eco-friendly ways to transport items like groceries and books.

However, at Art Promos you can select from dozens of styles and types, including beach, laundry, cooler, cosmetic, computer, promotional duffel bags plus many more. Choose the style that best reflects the nature of your business or the type of event you're holding.

Why choose Customized Tote Bags? It's simple. Once we imprint your order with your business, organization or event logo, your new custom logo totes become little roaming advertisements. They have the potential to be seen by hundreds and even thousands of consumers. They may even help convert those consumers to new business clients.

Consider promotional bags as:

* General business advertisements- they make powerful branding tools!

* Trade show advertisements- hand them out at the door for a user-friendly way to keep items together. Personalized trade show bags can be reused again and again at home.

* Student promos- hand them out on your local college campus. They're handy for carrying text books.

* Gift bags- fill them with advertising gifts and give them out to your vendors and most loyal clients.

There are endless ways that you can creatively use promotional totes bags to promote your name or your agenda. Not only will you generate a brand image, you'll also be saving the environment, one bag at a time!

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