Custom Car Magnets, Custom imprinted Car Magnet

Vehicles are among today's most popular modes of advertising. Make your car or truck a mobile advertisement with our extensive line of custom car magnets. They make an easy alternative to decals and wraps and won't damage your vehicle's paint or finish when removed.

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Custom Car Magnets, Customized Car Magnet

Do you want to turn your car or truck into a mobile advertisement, but don't want to alter your vehicle's exterior finish? Custom car magnets are the ideal alternative to expensive vehicle decals and wraps that cannot be removed without damaging your paint or finish.

Custom car magnets are just like ordinary refrigerator magnets, but bigger. They're ultra-durable so that they stand up to weather and everyday road conditions. Simply adhere them to the metal exterior of any vehicle. They can be placed almost anywhere: side doors, fenders... any place with a metal surface.

Unlike decals and wraps, which must be removed with tools and solvents, custom car magnets can be pulled off easily, just like a refrigerator magnet. Your finish stays intact! No damage to repair or scratches to cover over.


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