Custom Computer Accessories

Promotional computer items like screen cleaners, computer sleeves, mice and other practical items help reach a plugged-in audience. With so many personal computers out there, your advertisement has the potential to reach a large audience. Your custom computer accessories with your logo imprint or personalized message will play an important role in the user's work, homework or leisure Web surfing time.
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Promotional Screen Cleaner, Ipad Sleeve, Keyboards and Mouse.

Did you know that every year more than 300,000,000 are sold worldwide? In the US alone, more than 80 percent of households have at least one computer, and many of those homes have more than one or even several desktop, laptop or tablet devices. With so many people using computers at both home and work, there are growing opportunities for advertisers using promotional computer items to get a message across.

Here at, we have a selection of over 175 custom logo computer accessories for you to choose from, including:

  • Mice
  • Screen cleaners and brushes
  • CD/DVD openers and cleaners
  • Speakers
  • Tablet and laptop sleeves, bags and holders
  • Tablet stands
  • Styli
  • Key pads/boards
  • Keyboard wrist rests/pads
  • Novelty accessories
  • Computer accessories sets/kits
  • plus many other items all designed to enhance the computer user's experience. A gift this practical in nature is certain to be used by the receiver, and every use will reinforce your brand or message in that user's awareness.

    Promotional computer items need not cost you a fortune, either. In fact, Art Promos has numerous accessories that start at less than one dollar per unit including imprinting of your logo or personalized advertising message. It's an effective way to ensure that your logo makes in onto desks in homes and workplaces all over the place.

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