Promotional Executive Toys

Everyone needs to play sometimes, even grown ups. Place one of these promotional executive toys on your desk for those moments. It's the socially acceptable way for grown ups to take a few minutes out of a busy workday to play. Promotional executive toys are fun for work or home, for kids and for kids-at-heart.
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Promotional Executive Toys, Customized Office Toys

Who says you have to stop playing just because you're grown up and you have a career? These promotional executive toys are just perfect for those moments when you have the urge to play in between meetings and appointments with clients. Play time with these fun promotional executive toys, even for just a few minutes during a busy workday, can help to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety, lower blood pressure, calm heart rate and allow you to re-focus your attention on your work.

These toys aren't just any toys. They're sophisticated, mentally stimulating and made from high quality materials that are nothing like the plastic toys you remember when you were a kid. carries a variety of promotional executive toys that will challenge your mind in way that inspires creative thinking and helps you to relax and move on to your next task with a new sense of centeredness. Toys like our magnetic sculptures appeal to the tactile senses while encouraging creative thinking and producing a calming effect all at the same time. Games like our "decision makers" bring out the silly in you and help relieve stress. Other games stimulate your brain by encouraging strategic thinking and helping to activate new neural pathways. Classics like Newton's Cradle captivate imagination and inspire the sense of wonder you had as a child.

Art Promos' collection of custom promotional office toys make fun and welcome gifts for executives and non-executives alike. Designed for use on a desktop or other table top surface, they're ideal for the workplace or for use at home. They make appealing decorative items that double as stress-relievers whenever you feel the need to take a break for play. Imprinted or engraved with your logo, our promotional executive toys make fun and memorable reminders of your business.


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