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Timing is everything, so time your advertising campaign right with our selection of Promotional Kitchen Timers. Our diverse line of contemporary, decorative and novelty imprinted Kitchen Timers will help every cook ensure that whatever he or she is cooking comes out just right, and right on time.
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Promotional Kitchen Timers, Kitchen Timers With Your Logo,

Make no timing mistakes when you're cooking by using one of our handy Promotional Kitchen Timers. Set them for the correct cooking time and the alarm will let you know when your dish is perfectly done.

We carry a large selection of kitchen timers, which includes both mechanical/manual and digital models. Choose from a variety of modern and contemporary designs that complement the decor of every kitchen design and color.

Our line of Promotional Kitchen Timers also includes novelty shapes and designs. Choose from animal shapes like pigs, chickens, rabbits, mice and more. We also have people-shaped egg timers and even whimsical teapot and toaster-shaped Promotional Kitchen Timers.

When you're cooking, whether you're baking a scrumptious cake, preparing a sumptuous roast, tossing up a flavorful salad or simmering a savory soup, our Promotional Kitchen Timers will help you make sure that you time your dish just right so it comes out perfectly cooked and ready to serve. Just set the timer and let the alarm tell you when it's done.


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