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Art Promos' fabulous line of customized manual umbrellas makes the perfect place for printing your company's logo, brand or personalized message. Rain or shine, your brand will stand out above the crowd on a sleek, colorful manual-opening customized rain umbrella. Watch your message spring to life the next time it rains!

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Customized Umbrellas, Printed Umbrellas at

Manual-open customized umbrellas are long-lasting and practical, which is why they make such effective places to advertise your business. Have your logo, brand or personalized message imprinted on one of our fashion-forward customized rain umbrellas.

Our manual rain umbrellas come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, from the tiniest of compacts to the biggest of golf umbrellas. Choose from dozens of different colors the one that is the ultimate backdrop for your corporate logo or personalized message. They make fantastic promotional gifts for customers, clients, partners or employees. They also make wonderful, memorable gifts for a wedding party or guests.

Our customized manual-opening umbrellas are available in a wide variety of styles, including traditional/classic hook-handle, "stick" style, windproof and compact. You can choose from literally dozens of different colors, so coordination with your logo colors is a breeze. You can also select from different arc sizes, some as large as 64 inches.


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