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Guide to Promotional Umbrellas

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Guide to Distributing Umbrellas as Promotional Gifts

Promotional Umbrella Ideas

Rain, rain, don't go away. When it rains, your promotional umbrellas will be mobile billboards.

You'll never decry the rain again when you see umbrellas bearing your company's logo popping up like mushrooms around you. Umbrellas make a bold and classy statement, and will become mobile billboards for your business when the rain begins to fall. Umbrellas as promotional gifts have a distinct advantage over other types of business giveaways like pens and mugs. Giveaways such as these tend to make an impression only on the person who receives the giveaway. In contrast, a logo on an umbrella will be seen not only by the person who receives it, but also by everyone else the receiver comes into contact with. A person walking down the sidewalk carrying one may potentially be seen by hundreds of people.The ticket to maximizing your advertising success through promotional umbrellas is finding the best locales and venues to distribute them. Putting promotional umbrellas into the hands of the right receivers means a little thoughtful planning.

Try these suggestions for places to find both crowds and rain:

1) Elementary schools. Hundreds of parents walk their kids to and from school every week day. They can be found nine months of every year standing around in groups outside of classroom doors and school entrances. Parents and children alike will appreciate staying dry in a downpour, while you have the perfect venue for displaying your company's logo.

2) Sporting events. Peruse your local papers for the next Little League play-offs or high school football championship. Kids who play sports and the parents who watch them are bound to sit through rainy games from time to time. Next time the clouds make an appearance at the game, they'll be prepared for rain, and every spectator around them will catch a glimpse of your business's name.

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3) Picnics. Tread boldly through popular picnic areas in your city. Look for large gatherings and offer your free promotional umbrellas to those who are picnicking. Better yet, pick a drizzly day to do it, and you'll see your promotional umbrellas put to use immediately.

4) Trade shows in rainy locales. Trade shows are always an excellent place to distribute promotional gifts of any type. Umbrellas will make an extra-special impression in places where rain makes regular appearances. For example, if you do business in the Pacific Northwest, your promotional umbrellas will be appreciated, and you can be certain they'll be opened frequently.

5) Golf courses. Die-hard golfers play rain or shine. Put one of your umbrellas in their hands, and they'll have one more reason not to skip the back nine when the clouds roll in.

6) Beaches. While you may not find much rain, you'll see a lot of sun. Beach umbrellas are as effective an advertising tool as their rain-shielding cousins. Bring a few cases to your local swimming hole and hand them out to people seeking reprieve from the scorching sun.Remembering the following tips when choosing your promotional umbrellas will ensure that no one misses seeing your company's logo.

Tips & Tactics

Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide

  • Choose contrasting colors. Choose a light-colored umbrella if your logo is dark-colored, and vice-versa. If there isn't enough contrast between your logo and the background, it may not be very visible.
  • Don't forget night-time advertising. Consider using reflective material for your business logo. Not only does this create an added safety feature for the user, it also ensures that your logo will be seen both during the daytime and at night.
  • Place your logo in more than one place. It's advisable to have your logo emblazoned at least twice on each umbrella, one on each side. This way your logo will be visible to people on most sides.
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