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Advertising at the Beach

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Advertising at the Beach

Promotional Gifts for Sun Seekers

Summer is fast approaching.  What better place to advertise your business than at the local swimming hole?  Promotional gifts that are destined for the beach have several advantages.  First, the beach is prime territory for exposure.  There may be hundreds of people soaking up the sun at the local beach at any given time on a hot summer day.  There are few better places to expose the masses to your company's name in the summer.  Plus, you have a captive audience.  True, beach-goers can come and go as they please.  But the typical visitor spends several hours at a time on the beach.  That's hours of advertising time for your company for  relatively little money.  Unlike a television commercial, it can't be turned off.  Nor does it have to be clicked on to reach its viewer.  You can also choose promotional gifts which are designed to mix well with sand and surf.  By purchasing practical items that every sun-seeker needs, you're guaranteed that your promotional gift will be used and viewed by hundreds of beach-goers.

Promotional gifts for the beach are surprisingly inexpensive.  They pack powerful advertising punch for a minimal investment.  Consider customized items like:

*Beach towels.  This is one item that is practically guaranteed to be carried to the beach by everyone.  Your embroidered logo is sure to be noticed when your customers are lying on the sand or drying off after a swim.

*Beach totes.  Totes are a convenient way to carry those essential beach items, like sunscreen, sunglasses, towels and flip-flops.  When someone slings a beach tote over a shoulder, your business logo will stand out to everyone who passes by.

*Beach umbrellas.  When the sun shines down, the beach umbrellas pop up.  Umbrellas are one of the most highly visible promotional gifts you can invest in.  Be sure to have your logo printed on at least two sides of the umbrella.  That way it will be seen on both sides.

Beach Ball, Visor & Flyer
*Beach toys.  Don't forget your youngest customers.  Children love to play with beach balls, buckets and frisbees.  Make sure that your logo is large and bright enough to be seen by Mom, Dad, and everyone else on the sand dunes.  There are even beach toys that glow in the dark, a great way to make sure your logo is seen even at night.

*Shoes.  Who goes to the beach without flip-flops?  A fun shoe design with your business logo will certainly catch the attention of everyone on the shore.

*Coolers.  Your clients can keep cold drinks close at hand while making a plug for your company at the same time.

*Water bottles.  Water bottles are an extremely practical gift.  Not only are they used at the beach, but they usually make their rounds at the park, on the backs of bicycles, at the tennis courts, and the local gym too.  When they sport your logo, they'll become mobile ads.

The possibilities for advertising your business at the beach are nearly endless.  Promotional gifts for the beach are a sensational way to reward your loyal customers and attract new clients this summer.  Plus, their high exposure potential plus their low cost makes promotional gifts for the beach a sound financial investment in your business.

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  • The next time you're at the beach, take a few minutes to look around. All of those umbrellas, water bottles and beach towels could have YOUR logo on them.
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