Guide to Promotional Bracelets, Buttons & Pins

Promotional Ideas

Inexpensive Wearable Marketing

Bracelets, buttons and pins provide inexpensive wearable marketing. These small items make excellent giveaways in trade show bags, as awareness campaign handouts, and at grand openings and school open houses. Each can be imprinted with you logo, slogan or awareness emblem.

Promotional Bracelets of Silicone

Bracelets come in many colors and styles. Everyone is familiar with silicone bracelets imprinted with a slogan. These are especially popular for health and wellness awareness campaigns. Many companies use pink silicone bracelets for breast cancer awareness and light blue for prostate cancer awareness. The great thing about silicone is that the bracelets can be manufactured in a large number of PMS colors. Even with printing and debossing, the bracelets cost less than a a dollar a piece. Other options in promotional silicone bracelets include sports designs with adjustable hex locks, silver metallic overlays and gold metallic overlays.

Express your opinion with a Button

Buttons have long been popular in political campaigns and as a way for people to express their opinions. Celluloid buttons range in size from 1 3/4 inches up to 3 1/2 inches. Each can be custom screen printed with your company message or logo. Retail businesses often use buttons to showcase current promotions or to help customers quickly identify sales staff with phrases such as "Just Ask" or "Ask me about our 2-year warranty." Buttons are the ultimate in affordable marketing since each costs around 60 cents or less, depending on how many you order.

Bow Lapel Pins

Promotional Pins in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

For even greater variety in shapes and sizes, consider pins. Ribbon shaped lapel pins have become popular to honor causes ranging from military service to breast cancer research. Most promotional products suppliers carry the basic ribbon colors (yellow for hope, red for MADD, pink for breast cancer research), but will also custom produce ribbon pins to your specifications. Options for these pins include a trim around the edge and bow-shaped designs. Promotional lapel pins are also available in novelty designs such as book and key honor roll pins and guardian angel pins. When ordering pins, consider purchasing custom printed pin cards to hold and display the pins. These cards give your space to include your company logo or awareness campaign logo on the front and an optional message on the back.

Recipients of bracelets, buttons and pins that reflect their support, beliefs or achievements often wear them proudly many times. This creates instantadvertising for your business or cause. In addition, as the company that provided the item, you build goodwill with the recipient.

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