Guide to Promotional Giveaways for the Business Executive.

Gift Suggestions

Impress your clients with the best and most luxurious of promotional giveaways while making the most of your corporate advertising budget.

One of the advantages to running a successful corporation is the luxury of an ample advertising budget. Though big companies can afford billboard rentals and television commercials, it also pays not to forget the power of direct advertising. Good old fashioned word of mouth along with the liberal distribution of promotional giveaways often does more to make an impression on an idividual client or distributor than a hundred billoards. Clients love promotional giveaways that are useful and perhaps somewhat novel. The more out-of-the-ordinary the item, the more long-lasting an impression will be made.

Sponsor a charity golf tournament. Capture the attention of golf-loving execs.

I recommend: Creative advertising. Provide winners with a stunning corporate-logo emblazoned trophy. Crystaltowers will remind champions that your great service and products are just par for the course. Thank other sponsors with a commemorative plaque. This will not only remind them of your company, it will also make a positive impression on their own customers and clients.

Take advantage of the business man/woman's best friend: the cell phone. After all, every business person has one!

I recommend: cell phone accessories. The busy business man/woman looks at his or her cell phone an average of ten to twenty times per day (and sometimes even more). Accessorizing a client's cell phone with a logo-embossed cell phone cover means clients see your logo several times each and every day. Other novel but useful cell phone accessories include cell phone emergency chargers, hands-free headsets, holsters and more.

Remember that time is money (for both your company and theirs.) Clocks and watches make practical and stylish business giveaways.

I recommend: Along with a cell phone, the business man/woman looks at his or her clock or watch several dozen times each day. Have your company's logo imprinted on watchesand clocks. Soon, your client's time will be YOUR company's money.

Don't overlook the humble but invariably practical pen. Try pens that provide a twist on the ordinary ball-point.

I recommend: pens that are about more than just writing. There are pensfor golf lovers (complete with ball markers, divot repair tools and more), highlighters for research assistants and secretaries, and desk sets with room for the most evolved of writing instruments, plus business cards.

Make travel time advertising time.

Many business executives travel regularly. Let them take your advertising on the road with them.

I recommend: distributing promotional giveaways that will hit the road with your clients. Portable GPS units and universal travel adapters make excellent travel companions. Plus, who can tell where in the world your company's name will make an appearance?

Think like a customer. More specifically, think like YOUR customers. Choose promotional giveaways that will make a significant, long-lasting impression on the individual client.

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