Guide to Choosing the Right Writing Instruments to Promote Your Business

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Writing instruments have come a long way since inkwell and quill. No matter how technologically advanced society becomes, it's a safe bet that PC's and PDA's will never replace the handy and ever-reliable ball-point pen. Fortunately for modern consumers, today's writing instruments are much more evolved than the goose feathers that prevailed as the "pens" of choice in the 18th century. Technology has made it possible for pens to be mass produced efficiently, cost-effectively, and yet still perform well. This is good news for the business owner seeking a way to promote his or her company. Writing instruments like pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters are highly practical gifts to hand out to customers and potential clients. They cost little, and are practically guaranteed to be used over and over again, embedding the name and logo of a company into a customer's mind.

Action Steps to Choosing the Perfect Writing Instruments to Advertise your Business: Business owners might be surprised to learn of the vast array of promotional writing tools available.

How to the most effective writing instruments as advertising tools

Consider these suggestions when choosing writing instruments to emboss with your company's name and logo.

I recommend: Determining your advertising budget. Promotional pens and other instruments range in price. Most amount to mere pennies per unit, though business owners that wish to opt for a "luxury" model have many options too.

Here's a useful product: The Promo Click is a simple but practical retractable ball point pen is handy for purse or pocket. Its clip makes it easy to find it where it was left. At less than 20 cents per unit it's affordable even for the small business.

Choosing writing instruments that reflect the nature of your business. Whether your business is sports, recreation, industry, or retail, choosing a gift that is in harmony with your business gives extra assurance that customers won't forget you.

The 7-function Stainless Golf Tool is the perfect choice for the golf-loving client. Besides a pen, this tool contains six other handy golfing tools, including a ball marker and a cleat tightener. The Agent Antimicrobial Ball Pen is perfect for the teacher or healthcare professional. The body is made from an anti-microbial resin which will not promote the growth of harmful bacteria on its surface.

Thinking practical. People love gifts that they can actually use. And of course, the more frequently a customer uses a gift with your logo on it, the more likely he or she is to remember you. That's one reason that writing instruments like pens and pencils are such a popular choice for promotional handouts. For that reason, stick to models that are lik

Writing instruments are among the most practical and economical business-promotion and advertising tools on the market. Conclude every conversation with a client by placing a pen, pencil, or marker in his or her hands. By doing so, you ensure that your name will be remembered long after the conversation has ended.

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