Guide to Promotional Carabiners

Ingenious Clips - Unique Promotional Ideas

You and your customers don't have to be mountain climbers to love carabiners. These ingenious little clips can be found everywhere attached to all kinds of promotional items. carabiners come in sizes to fit almost anything: keys, backpacks, purses, belts and even zipper pulls. They also come in a wide array of colors. Made of aluminum, carabiners are lightweight and functional.

Many people use a carbiner as a keychain. Large ones can accommodate several key rings. Smaller sizes easily clip to pocketbook straps or belt loops. You can purchase custom imprinted carbiner keychains for about $1.75 each; the price drops dramatically if you order large quantities. When ordering, verify if the style you like can be screen printed on one or two sides. Also, keep in mind that some models can be laser engraved.

Get Creative with Promotional carabiners

Get creative with carabiners and go far beyond the keychain. Some models include a mini flashlight, pen, led light, mini tool kit, compass, pillbox or pocketknife. Consider your target market and select a variety that suits their lifestyles.

If you sell sporting goods, opt for the compass or pocketknife style. Doctors or health care facilities might give out pillbox carabiners. Auto repair shops or hardware stores can promote their businesses with the mini tool kit or mini flashlight. carabiners are also popular with hikers, campers and partygoers. Show your support for by giving away promotional carbiner bottle openers, flasks, totes, radios and first aid kits. For the high-tech customer, consider carbiner iPod holders and watches. Purchase carabiners in shapes such as houses or stars to reflect your industry. Try carbiner wallets and sunglasses cases for professional customers. Expect to pay as much as $35 for specialty carabiners depending upon the complexity of the item attached to the clip.

Versa Bottle Cooler
with Carabiner

Since you'll get the best price the more you order, look for promotional products suppliers that allow you to combine orders. In this way you can order some of several different types of carabiners. Look at your marketing and trade show schedule for the year and determine what type of promotional give aways are needed. You might want calculator carabiners for a college job fair and clips that hold sunblock when you sponsor a local little league team. In addition, work with a supplier who offers a wide range of promotional products so that you can order all the items you need in one place and get the greatest savings.

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