Guide to Business Giveaways for Athletes

Promotional Giveaway Ideas for Athletes

Tips for promoting your small business to the sports enthusiast.

Promoting a small business usually presents two major challenges. First: how do you promote your small business when your advertising budget is tight? The second challenge: how do you reach your niche market while still remaining within the confines of a small budget? The key to meeting these challenges lies within one answer: business giveaways.

When it comes to a specialty market like sports-related products, small businesses who cater to athletes need not spend thousands of dollars on billboard advertising to get the word out.

In fact, the opportunities for advertising on a budget are abundant. Placing business giveaways like water bottles, golf tees or athletic wear directly into the hands of customers and potential clients is a more effective way to advertise. It's also an efficient way to make the most of your tight promotional budget.

Action Steps
The best contacts and resources to help you get it done

Finding your niche market.
The next step is getting your business giveaways into the right hands. The solution is going to where the athletes are.

I recommend: participating in trade shows which are geared toward the sportsman/woman. Your potential clients will come directly to you. Begin every conversation with the benefits of the service(s) or product(s) that you offer. End your conversation by placing your customized promotional product into the person's hand.

Seek out local athletic groups.
If your small business is locally-based, find out what leauges and teams are active in your area. Teams and leagues are almost always happy to accept business giveaways in exchange for promoting your business.

I recommend: offering your promotional products free of charge to local athletes. Supply a local Little League team with company logo-embossed prizes. I like the 9" Glow in the Dark Flyer . This fun frisbee glows in the dark, ensuring that your logo will be seen even at night. At the same time, treat parents of players to a logo-emblazoned umbrella, perfect for those games or practices that are graced with a light shower.

Don't overlook the overlooked.
There are many untapped groups of athletes that are starving for the kind of boost that your business can offer.

18th Hole Award

I recommend: thinking outside the box. Many churches, private schools, businesses and non-profit organizations have either organized or casual sports leagues or events. Most of these get very little attention from local businesses. This could be your chance to swoop in and scoop an organization right out from under your competition. Supply a non-profit organization's fundraising golf tournament with balls or tees or even a business-sponsored trophy (I like the 18th Hole Award.) Offer to outfit a local church's bowling team. Provide a running club with pedometers or a tennis club with sweatbands. The possibilities are endless if you keep your eyes open for opportunities.

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