Guide to Promotional Letter Openers

Letter Opener Ideas

Letter openers make practical, useful gifts for both men and women.

The origin of the letter opener isn't entirely clear. However, it's relatively certain that they've been around in one form or another for as long as envelopes have. While some of the earliest letter openers were fairly rudimentary, their undeniable usefulness helped them become popular household and workplace tools. Like many items that become a part of pop culture, letter openers quickly became artistic as well as functional.

In fact, examination of antique letter openers reveals an eye-opening look at history. For instance, Victorian-era letter openers reflect a period when lace and cameos where a standard part of "modern" decor and fashion. These ornately-fashioned tools were considered works of art, meant to do more that simply slice through paper.

Letter openers are making a comeback in modern times, though it's highly debated whether they ever fell out of fashion in the first place. In fact, today's range of products includes automatic letter openers which provide welcome relief in mailrooms around corporate America.

Businesses are cashing in on their popularity by forgoing the standard promotional pen and opting to distribute promotionalletter openers to their clients and potential customers. They make an exceptionally practical way to advertise your business, entice new customers, and thank loyal clients.

Email Letter Opener

Dual-function letter openers.

Do more jobs with fewer tools. Two-in-one promotional letter openers are clever and useful.

I recommend: products like the 3" Ruler Letter Opener and the Calculator Letter Opener. They do multiple types of jobs, meaning more use for your promotional letter opener. Other types of dual-function promotional letter openers include staplers, computer brushes, and business card holders with slicing tool built in.

Whimsical letter openers.

Want to appeal to the quirky side of your customers? These fun products are sure to grab their attention.

I recommend: looking for unusual shapes. TheTranslucent Letter Opener's fun shape and range of bright colors will embed your name in the minds of your clientele.

Letter openers that reflect the nature of your business.

Not only will they see your company's name neatly displayed, they'll remember instantly what your business is about.

I recommend: the HouseLetter Slitter for real estate agents and developers. They'll never forget that you're in the business of homes. The E-mailseries Promotional Letter Opener is a great for computer techs to leave on the desks of their clients.

The variety of promotional letter openers available is surprising to many business owners. Most are delighted to find that there is one that's just perfect for their business. In fact, many business owners keep several types onhand. This way, the gift is personalized to the taste of the individual.

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