Guide to Promotional Paperweights

Promotional Paperweight Ideas

From the whimsical to the elegant, paperweights make a splash on any desk. They can also become an ever-present reminder of your business.

Paperweights have been manufactured since at least the early 1800's. Originally they were a thing of necessity. Before the days of air-conditioned offices, windows were commonly left open in the workplace during hot days. Of course, every time the wind blew, paperwork was sent flying. A visionary entrepreneur siezed the opportunity to keep paperwork intact using something more attractive than a rock. Thus, the paperweight was born.

It didn't take long for rocks to become passe. They were quickly replaced with paperweights that not only did the job, but were beautiful to look at too. Within just a few years, paperweights became collectibles. Today, the Paperweight Collectors Association boasts a membership of 1600 dedicated collectors from around the world.

It's little wonder that businesses have recognized this hobby and are cashing in on the popularity of the good old-fashioned paperweight. Promotional paperweights are both functional and artistic. Though it's unlikely that the paperweight will ever serve it's original function again, today they add class and decor to a desktop.

Paperweights as awards.

Gorgeous, stylish and elegant, promotional paperweights designed with superior materials and asthetic beauty in mind make stellar awards as well as advertising tools.

I recommend: the Luminosity Paper weight. This crystal award with its star and globe design speaks of true taste, and will show someone how much they're appreciated.

Nostalgic paperweights.

Collectors will appreciate artisan paperweights with colorful designs encased in clear glass. They are reminiscent of past ages and make delightful additions to a desktop or display case. Your logo will remind them of your generosity and appreciation of their patronage.

I recommend: the Kaleidoscopic. This egg-shaped crystal weight features a brightly-colored rainbow swirl down the center.

Ecclectic and unusually-shaped paperweights.

The Zentari

For the extraordinary client, only an extraordinary promotional gift will do. Paperweights in unusual shapes and designs make memorable impressions.

I recommend: the Zentari. It's diamond-cut surface and gem-like shape appeals to the modernist. The executive assistant or computer tech will appreciate the hand-cast Mouse Shaped Paperweight, carefully fashioned to resemble a computer mouse.

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