Guide to Distributing Umbrellas as Promotional Gifts

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3) Picnics. Tread boldly through popular picnic areas in your city. Look for large gatherings and offer your free promotional umbrellas to those who are picnicking. Better yet, pick a drizzly day to do it, and you'll see your promotional umbrellas put to use immediately.

4) Trade shows in rainy locales. Trade shows are always an excellent place to distribute promotional gifts of any type. Umbrellas will make an extra-special impression in places where rain makes regular appearances. For example, if you do business in the Pacific Northwest, your promotional umbrellas will be appreciated, and you can be certain they'll be opened frequently.

5) Golf courses. Die-hard golfers play rain or shine. Put one of your umbrellas in their hands, and they'll have one more reason not to skip the back nine when the clouds roll in.

6) Beaches. While you may not find much rain, you'll see a lot of sun. Beach umbrellas are as effective an advertising tool as their rain-shielding cousins. Bring a few cases to your local swimming hole and hand them out to people seeking reprieve from the scorching sun.Remembering the following tips when choosing your promotional umbrellas will ensure that no one misses seeing your company's logo.

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