Guide to the Top Three Business Giveaways

Business Giveaway Ideas

Investing in promotional gifts to distribute to clients and potential customers is a critical part of advertising your business. In the case of small businesses, it may be the only type of advertising that you can afford. Whether your advertising budget is miniscule, gigantic or somewhere in between, putting promotional gifts into people's hands is one of the best ways to achieve recognition and familiarity in your industry. Every business should have at least one of the following types of promotional gifts on hand at all times:

  • Pens. Pens are by far the number one choice of business owners for promotional giveaways for several reasons. First, they are highly portable. It's a cinch for business owners to carry a pocketful of promotional pens everywhere they go. You can never tell when you might make an important contact. Handing him or her a pen with your logo on it gives the customer a tangible reminder of your meeting.

    Pens are also practical. Everyone uses them. Nine times out of ten, your promotional pen will get pulled out and used again. Compared to a business card, which may get thrown away or tucked into a pocket and forgotten about, a pen will remind your customers over and over that you are ready to do business. Promotional pens are also highly economical. They cost literally pennies apiece. Pens are an ideal way to saturate your locale with advertising.
  • Magnets. Promotional magnets are the second most popular choice for business giveaways. Like pens, magnets are portable. They are easy to transport to trade shows, haul in your car (even a small one), or carry in your pocket to be handed out when meeting with clients. Once they go on your customer's refrigerator, he or she will essentially have a miniature, in-home billboard advertising your company. Magnets are also inexpensive and economical. At just a few cents per unit, magnets are perfect for the small advertising budget. Magnets have the added advantage of higher visibility than pens.

  • Big Shot Travel Mug
  • Drinkware. Mugs have long held the third-place title for most popular promotional gift, though today water bottles are almost as popular. Both items serve similar purposes, and which one you decide to give away may simply depend on whether you have more coffee-drinking or water-loving customers. Either way, your company's logo will be seen again and again since promotional drinkware almost always gets used regularly. Like promotional magnets, drinkware is highly visible and will likely be seen by more people than just the person you give it to.

It is highly recommended that you have all three types of promotional gifts on hand. This gives you a variety of choice, since you may find that one or the other is a better fit for a particular circumstance or event. If your advertising budget is too tight, choose the one or two which best fit with your needs and those of the majority of your customers. You can also experiment with different ones at various times to gauge the effectiveness of each one. Undoubtedly you'll find at least one of these businessgiveaways to be an invaluable advertising tool.

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