Guide to Using Carabiners

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* They're useful and practical.  They can be used to link almost anything to anything.  As already mentioned, they are commonly used as a component of a keychain, or the link itself may be used to hold keys.  Hikers use them to carry water bottles and other gear.  They are frequently used to clip an MP3 player or cell phone to a belt.  The possible uses for carabiners are virtually limitless.
* They're decorative.  As already hinted at, carabiners are contemporary and fashionable.  Teenagers often clip them on for purely decorative reasons.
* They're very portable.  Compare the idea of hauling 500 promotional mugs to a trade show to transporting 500 carabiners.  They're much easier to travel with and to hand out liberally to potential customers.
* They're inexpensive.  Promotional-type carabiners with an embossed business logo are affordable and diverse.  Carabiner products include carabiner compasses, promotional carabiner flashlights and carabiner pens. Still not sure about using them as promotional gifts?  The next time you go for a walk, look around you.  See how many carabiners you can count.  Those could be your walking advertisements.  For such a little investment, you may find yourself with a big return.


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