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Keep pens, pencils, loose change, receipts, CDs, DVDs and other items organized in your vehicle with one of our handy promotional car organizers. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes. Make sure your personalized message "hits the road" with these practical promotional car organizers!

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Promotional Car Organizers, Trunk Organizers with logo

Your vehicle was built for driving, but not necessarily for organizing. That's why our promotional car organizers make such fantastic advertising gifts. Promotional car organizers help you keep all of your loose change, CDs, DVDs, receipts, tools, insurance papers and other items from ending up on your floorboards, or worse... lost.

We carry a variety of different styles of custom auto organizers, including:

  • Over-the-seat: These multi-pocketed organizers can be hung around a headrest so that the pockets face the seat behind. These pockets are excellent for storing small to medium-size items. They're ideal for families and excellent for holding toys, crayons, games and DVD's.
  • Visor organizers: They look like oversize wallets that are affixed to your windshield's visors. They're just made for storing CDs and DVDs. They won't obstruct your view, and they hide away when you fold up the visor.
  • Dashboard mats: Made from sticky latex rubber, they stick to your dashboard on one side. You can stick items like coins and cell phones on the other side and they won't slide off, even when the car is in motion or braking to a stop.
  • Cargo boxes: Like bankers boxes, these storage containers are ideal for holding papers, toys, sporting equipment and other, larger items. You can also use them to carry groceries when you shop.
  • Trunk organizers: Like cargo boxes, but bigger and with more compartments. Ideal for keeping groceries from rolling around in your trunk. Also excellent for storing sports equipment and tools.
  • Whatever your needs, we carry promotional car organizers to solve all your auto storage issues. Auto organizers make thoughtful employee gifts and great "thank-you's" for valued clients.


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