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Promotional Koozies with logo Imprinted - Custom Can Coolers

Keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot with our insulated custom Can Coolers, Koozies and Bottle Holders. Our wide selection includes insulated coolers for canned beverages as well as bottled drinks (both commercial and reusable). Each individual can cooler or promotional Koozies is shaped and designed to fit all standard-size cans and bottles.

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Customized Can Coolers & Promotional Koozies are Best sellers

Custom can Coolers keep your drinks insulated so they stay cool even on a hot day. Our custom can Coolers can go with you to the beach, the park, on a picnic or a on a long drive. They will keep all of your beverages cool so that you can enjoy them later on.

Promotional Koozies are like little jackets for beverage cans and bottles. They're made from materials known for having natural temperature-retention properties, such as Neoprene, polyester or foam.

When placed over a can or bottle, it slows down the exchange of heat, keeping the beverage inside at a more constant temperature for much longer than without. Many designs can be used with both hot and cold beverages. When used with hot beverages, they not only prevent heat loss, they also prevent burns to the user. Plus, they make beverages easier to grip and less slippery.

Both individual Promotional Koozies and insulated custom can coolers have excellent printing surfaces for your business logo or personalized message. Use them as a business branding tool, or as wedding or party favors for guests.

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