Promotional Plastic Bag & Plastic Gift Bag

Make your customers' purchases easy to carry when you choose Custom Imprinted Patch Handle Bags from the Art Promos line of Promotional Bags and Totes. The die-cut handle makes the bag convenient to transport, and the reinforcing patch ensures that the handle won't tear and whatever is inside will stay safe.

Choose from an array of bright and neutral plastic promo tote bag colors. There's one that will perfectly offset your logo and make it "pop!"

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Customized Plastic Bag, Patch Handle Bag

Make purchasing items in your store a breeze for your customers by providing them with Logo Patch Handle Plastic Bags to wrap and carry their in-store purchases. Custom Patch Handle Bags also provide tradeshow and event visitors with a convenient method of collecting and comfortably carrying paraphernalia and purchases.

What is a patch handle? Plastic shopping bag manufacturers create simple handles for their bags by die cutting a hole near the top of the bag. Users can then put their hand through the opening as a convenient means of carrying it. It's easier, less costly and more eco-friendly than adding a handle after the main bag is manufactured but accomplishes the same thing. These types of bags are sometimes referred to as "die cut plastic bags."

Some die cut shopping bags have an added feature: a "patch." A patch, usually made from the same or similar plastic material is placed around the hole on the inside of the bag. This patch reinforces the handle area, making it stronger and less prone to breakage. A Custom Plastic Bag can withstand more weight inside this way.

Personalized Patch Handle Bags can be imprinted with a company logo or customized message just like all of the other Promotional Shopping and Tote Bags we carry at Art Promos Advertising Gifts. Our price per bag includes imprinting of your logo, information or exclusive message.


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