Promotional Gel Pens With Your Imprinted Logo

Gel pens provide the writer with a fluidity that is unmatched by ordinary ink pens. Your customers will love receiving a Imprinted gel pen because they're so easy to use and will keep their notes clean, neat and crisp. Promotional gel pens are perfect for marketing yourself to a contemporary audience and have broad appeal to men and women, young and old alike.
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Cheap Promotional Gel Pens With Your Logo Imprinted

Advertise to a contemporary audience using a product that's an old favorite among advertisers. The promotional gel pen comes with all the affordability of ordinary pens but with the gel technology that has made gel pens so popular with users.

Ordinary ink pens use pigments or dyes as well as a variety of other materials to create ink. Gel pens, on the other hand, use a gel-based formula. Gel-based inks offer the same benefits as conventional inks, like clarity and permanence, but flow much more smoothly. The transfer of gel ink to paper is much smoother and more fluid than regular pigment or dye ink. Not only is it easier to write with, gel-based inks don't leave blotches and don't clog up the way conventional dyes and pigments do. Additionally, promotional gel pens come in a wider variety of ink colors, much more than black, blue and red.

Art Promos carries a diverse selection of promotional gel pens. Just like our regular customized ink pens, our promotional gel pens can be imprinted with your business, organization or event name and info. They start at less than 50 cents each (including your imprint) and are just as affordable as all of our other custom imprinted pens. Our promotional gel pens will make your advertising campaign run smoothly and flow effectively so that you get the most for your investment.


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