Promotional Clip Board and Memo Board With Your Custom Logo

Get your message across by imprinting it on a custom clipboard or custom memo board! Clipboards are used by all kinds of different industries, businesses and even groups like athletic teams. The variety of versatile Promotional clipboards and memo boards from Art Promos make a fantastic branding tool no matter who your target audience is.
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Promotional Clip Boards and Memo Boards in Bulk

Clip boards are the ultimate portable office, desktop and memo-collector all in one single item. No wonder they're used by so many different types of professionals and volunteers in so many kinds of situations. Imprinting your logo on a custom clipboard or custom memo board makes a powerful means of targeting a specific kind of customer and ensuring that your brand becomes associated with a particular industry.

Who uses custom clip boards and custom memo boards? Here are just a few ways you can use this versatile item to advertise your business:

  • Teachers: Get your name into the classroom by distributing custom clip boards to teachers and schools in your area. They also make great handouts at educational fairs.
  • Coaches: Promotional memo boards and clip boards can help coaches stay on top of their game and make sure that everyone gets a chance to play, plus help them keep track of game stats.
  • Trainers: Personal trainers use these handy items to track clients' progress and make notes about specific exercises.
  • Medical professionals: Doctors, nurses, LPNs, caregivers and other health care providers can keep track of patient charts, notes and other important client paperwork with a custom clip board.
  • Office workers: Office workers across all industries regularly use memo and clip boards for a variety of tasks. Supervisors and managers use them for notes and other important papers and for in-office sign-up sheets, plus dozens more uses.
  • Event volunteers: Event volunteers can keep important event information close at hand no matter where they're at, including on location, using a custom clip board.
  • Custom memo boards with dry erase or write-on/wipe-off capabilities are extremely practical for both offices and homes. They're ideal for posting quick notes for employees or family members, keeping a running grocery or supplies' list and much more.


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