Drawstring Backpack Imprinted with Custom Logo

Custom Logo Drawstring Backpacks make effective advertisements for businesses and organizations that are sports and athletics-related. They also make fabulous promotions for sports tradeshows, events and games. They're ideal for carrying to the gym for an afternoon workout, or even for carrying food and water on a hike.
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Personalized Drawstring Backpack

Back pack design has come a long way since the days you carried one back to school. One of today's most contemporary twists on the old school version is the drawstring backpack. Why not consider imprinting your business, organization or event logo on a Promotional Custom Drawstring Backpack?

Promotional Drawstring Backpacks differ from regular back packs in a few ways. First, they tend to be smaller than regular ones. Secondly, they're generally made from lighter-weight material, although there are also Custom Promotional Drawstring Backpacks available in more traditional fabrics, like canvas.

The third and most significant design difference is the bag's main closure. Instead of zipping shut, the bag is closed by drawing a circular string apart. Closing is fast and easy, something that even small children can manage.

Drawstring Back Packs make good alternatives to regular ones when the intended load is a lighter one. They're the perfect size for a single pair of shoes and a sports shirt for a quick workout at the gym.

In fact, many users prefer the drawstring back pack over a traditional one for the reasons already noted. They tend to be more durable, plus, they're light and easy to carry.

Advertisers like them too, particularly those whose business or interests lie within sports and athletics. This is because they are often less expensive than regular Custom Imprinted Backpacks. Dollar for dollar, they offer exceptional value for comparable advertising impact.

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