Personalized Hand Sanitizers With Custom Logo Imprint

Promote good health through proper hygiene with personalized hand sanitizers. Our hand sanitizers contain powerful germ-killing ingredients that will help your customers keep their hands clean even when soap and water isn't nearby. We'll customize your personalized hand sanitizers with your brand, logo or message!

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Promotional Hand Sanitizers Customized

Hand sanitizers are perfect for use on-the-go and when soap and water is hard to get to. The use of hand sanitizer can reduce the spread of germs, removing up to 99.99 percent of disease-causing germs from your hands. Now you can encourage good health by purchasing personalized hand sanitizers with your custom brand, logo or message.

Personalized hand sanitizers come in a variety of types and packaging, including:

  • Gel
  • Spray/pump bottle
  • Wipes
  • Foam
  • We also carry personalized hand sanitizers with key chains, carabiners and lanyards attached for easy carrying, ensuring that you have it close at hand wherever you go.

    Our Custom hand sanitizers also come in a variety of sizes. We have portable sizes that fit perfectly inside of a purse, bag or backpack. You can even stash one in a desk drawer at work.

    We also carry personalized hand sanitizers in larger formats. They're ideal for counter top use at home or in the workplace or classroom.

    Personalized hand sanitizers help create brand association between your business and good health care. Let your customers know you care about their health!


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