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Fear the wind no more with our dazzling line of Windproof Promotional Umbrellas. Place your business information on one of our windproof umbrellas so that, even on the stormiest of days, your business info will still be seen by all. Our customized windproof umbrellas resist even the strongest winds and won't turn inside out. Your customers will appreciate your thoughtful, weather-resistant gift.
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Art Promos' line of windproof Promotional umbrellas are designed to take you through the fiercest storm, keeping you dry and cozy while keeping your umbrella intact. Our windproof Promotional umbrellas with your personalized message make the ideal rainy-day advertisement for your business or organization.

Windproof Promotional umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, starting at compact (which is the perfect size for commuting or traveling) all the way up to golf-size (for those stormy days on the golf course or sports field). Here a just a few reasons why our Promotional umbrellas are worthy of the designation "windproof:" Flexible materials: Fiberglass and lightweight steel ribbing and shafts bend and flex with the force of wind. This keeps them from breaking under pressure. Canopy venting: Also known as "double-canopy," this technology ensures that wind blows through, rather than over and under the canopy. This prevents the canopy from inverting in the wind and helps it to retain its shape. Super grip: Rubberized and gel grips provide comfort while also helping you to maintain a firm grip, even in a storm.

Our promotional umbrellas with logo can withstand gusts of up to 60 m.p.h. You'll never fear a storm again when you carry one of these powerful umbrellas. And with your imprinted message, you'll wish that every day was a rainy one!


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