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Custom Imprinted Desk Calendars with your business information, logo and personalized message will sit on the desk tops of your clients as a daily visual reminder of your company. Few other promotional products are guaranteed to be looked at every day, perhaps dozens of times each day, besides imprinted Desk Calendars. When it comes to cost effective advertising, you get more bang for your buck with imprinted Desk Calendars from Art Promos.

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Imprinted Desk Calendars With Your Custom Logo

The average office worker spends almost six hours each day at his or her desk. That means that if you imprint your business information, logo and personalized message on a Custom Desk Calendar your company will get at least six hours of exposure every single day. Plus, Custom Desk Calendars are also used at home, meaning even more exposure to your business and brand for those who receive one.

If you measure the impact of your promotional gift in terms of total visual exposure time, few other advertising gifts are as cost-effective as a Custom imprinted Desktop Calendar. Art Promos carries dozens of different styles and designs of personalized imprinted desk calendars which include:

  • Desk-pad style calendars: This type of calendar is designed to lie flat on the surface of a desk top. They resemble place mats and you can easily store other desk top items right on top while keeping your calendar right in your line of vision for handy reference.
  • Stand-up, "tent" style calendars: This type of calendar is usually spiral bound with either wire or plastic. It is outfitted with a piece that folds over the front and back cover forming a "tent" which you can stand up on a flat surface. Simply flip the page over when the month changes.
  • Multi-year calendars: This style shows the months of one or more years on a single frame. They are often made of durable plastic and stand up on your desk so that you can see multiple months at one time without having to flip calendar pages.
  • Your information, logo or personalized message can be Customized in various locations on each of our styles of Imprinted Desk Calendars. We pride ourselves in offering lots of options to our customers so that you can pick the design, style and print choice that is best suited for your business and the kind of advertising you want to do.


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