Promotional Staple Removers, Custom Staplers

No desk or office is complete without a stapler. This essential office tool makes a fantastic promotional gift because it's certain to get a lot of use. Custom Staplers and Staple Removers imprinted with your logo or personalized message make excellent visual reminders of your business and give you a high return on investment when it comes to promotional products.
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Logo Staplers, Custom Staplers & Staple Removers

Open any office or home desk drawer anywhere on earth and you're sure to find a stapler. They're among the most essential basic office tools, a great reason to consider investing in Custom Staplers as part of your company's advertising campaign.

Art Promos' Custom Staplers and Promotional Staple Removers come in a variety of sizes, styles and designs. Our mini staplers are small enough to fit in the palm of a hand and are perfect for young children, school use and for light jobs. We also carry a number of full-size staplers, including "stand up" models which are designed to stand on a desktop for quick, easy access. Full-size Custom Staplers are ideal for office use and for heavier workloads. We even carry eco-friendly, no-waste staple-less Custom Staplers.

Our Promotional Staple Removers also make fabulous office gifts, either as an accompaniment to a Customized Stapler or as a promo all on its own. Staple removers safely remove staples from paper without risk of injury and without out ruining your important paperwork. (Some of our Custom Staplers have removers built right in.)

Being a highly practical and essential office tool, you can rest assured that your Promotional Stapler gift will be used often, perhaps even several times a day. Every use is like another advertisement for your business, giving you a high return on investment when you imprint Custom Staplers with your logo or personalized message.


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