Imprintable 4 Color Process Bags, Custom Color Paper Bags

When you need your logo colors to stand out, or you need to transfer a photograph onto your Promotional Paper Shopping Bags, our Custom Imprinted Four Color Process Bags are the ideal choice. Art Promos Promotional Giveaways carries only the finest-quality paper stock custom shopping bags, ensuring that your business or organization's logo appears exactly as you want it to, with no bleeding or blurring.
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Four Color Shopping Bags, 4 Color Paper Bags

Your logo is a big part of what makes you YOU. Your brand and maybe even your whole image is wrapped up in the colors of your logo. When your logo colors have to be precise, like they do when they're imprinted on a Customized Paper Shopping Bag, you need the technology that only 4-Color Processing provides. With our Four Color Process Bags, you get perfect shades every time, for an accurate representation of your business or organization and what it stands for .

Computerized printers use only a limited number of ink colors when creating replications, usually three or four. In order to create greater color and shade variations, it lays down ink from each color, layering the colors one on top of the other, to create the desired shade.

Two and three-color process printing often does not create a true representation of an actual color. The more ink colors that are used to create a shade, the truer the final color will be.

If you have a multi-colored logo, or your logo is made up of non-primary colors, or you want to reproduce a photo image, you may not get an accurate reprinting with only three colors. When accurate colors matter, choose our 4 Color Process Promotional Logo Bags. Our Customized Four Color Process Paper Bags are ideal for accepting multiple layers of ink, and your logo or photograph will be transferred cleanly and crisply without bleeding or blurring. Your final print will be brighter, bolder, crisper and cleaner than with a three-color printing.


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