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A good pocket knife will bring out the woodsman in just about anyone. Art Promos carries a wide assortment of custom imprinted pocket knives that your customers will put to good use. Whether it is used outdoors or in, a promotional imprinted pocket knife has dozens of uses and makes all kinds of jobs easier.
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Promotional Pocket Knife Imprinted, Promo Logo Utility Knives

Our promotional pocket knives are like having an entire tool box tucked neatly into your pocket. They have broad appeal and make not just effective promotional hand-outs but also classy gifts for holidays and other special occasions.

The Swiss may have perfected its design, but the pocket knife has been around for centuries. Its earliest predecessor dates back to the Iron Age. Its technology has improved dramatically since then, and today they're used by people of all ages for a variety of applications. Although they may be most closely associated with outdoor pursuits like camping, fishing and hunting, they have practical uses everywhere, from home to the workplace. Our selection of promotional pocket knives come with three or more implements, with a blade being the main component. Other implements include corkscrews, screwdrivers, bottle openers, picks, scissors, key rings, nail files, flashlights, saws and awls. Your promotional logo pocket knife can be used for personal grooming, cooking, making small repairs, cutting objects and many other tasks. They're also useful in emergency situations and are compact enough to carry anywhere.

Art Promos also has a selection of other types of promotional knives. This includes utility knives (boxcutters) cheese knives and more. We'll imprint your logo or personalized message on your custom imprinted pocket knife of choice (laser engraving may also be available for some models). Your personalized knife will be not just a practical tool but will also become a cherished keepsake.


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