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Item Colors:

K601 Yellowstone National Park
K602 Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
K603 Sunset Splendor
K604 Autumn Reflections
K605 Covered Bridge
K606 Autumn Afternoon
K607 Winter Charm
K608 Summer Barn
K609 1969 Case
K610 Mustangs
K611 Holsteins
K612 Herefords
K613 Angus Grazing
K614 Sunflower Piglets
K615 Corgi
K616 Playful Kitten
K617 Best Friends
K618 Bike Ride
K619 Daily Devotion
K620 Family Vacation
K621 Home Sweet Home
K622 1926 Ford Model T
K623 1958 Studebaker
K624 Jayde
K625 Wine
K626 Dairy Foods
K627 Fruits and Vegetables
K628 Pizza
K629 Bountiful Harvest
K630 Baked Treats
K631 Our Lady of Guadalupe
K632 Birth of Jesus
K633 Feeding the Five Thousand
K634 A Dusty Dawn
K635 Whitetail
K636 Span-A-Year
K637 Pledge of Allegiance
K638 America
K639 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Item Specs

  • This super calendar features a large memo-style date pad with plenty of space to write down notes, appointments and events. You have a choice of full-color direct-on picture to display all year!
  • Due to the background color imprints other than black may not print true to color
  • 2016 Calendar
  • Top markets: retail, financial, utilities
  • 8"w x 12"h

Item Info

Available Colors:

K601 Yellowstone National Park, K602 Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, K603 Sunset Splendor, K604 Autumn Reflections, K605 Covered Bridge, K606 Autumn Afternoon, K607 Winter Charm, K608 Summer Barn, K609 1969 Case, K610 Mustangs, K611 Holsteins, K612 Herefords, K613 Angus Grazing, K614 Sunflower Piglets, K615 Corgi, K616 Playful Kitten, K617 Best Friends, K618 Bike Ride, K619 Daily Devotion, K620 Family Vacation, K621 Home Sweet Home, K622 1926 Ford Model T, K623 1958 Studebaker, K624 Jayde, K625 Wine, K626 Dairy Foods, K627 Fruits and Vegetables, K628 Pizza, K629 Bountiful Harvest, K630 Baked Treats, K631 Our Lady of Guadalupe, K632 Birth of Jesus, K633 Feeding the Five Thousand, K634 A Dusty Dawn, K635 Whitetail, K636 Span-A-Year, K637 Pledge of Allegiance, K638 America, K639 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Imprint Locations and Sizes

  • Center: 6-3/4"w x 1-3/4"h, 4 color(s) max -

Item Details

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