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Item Colors:

K501 Mount Rainier National Park
K502 Maine Lighthouse
K503 Shoreline Sunset
K504 Autumn Stream
K505 Covered Bridge
K506 Autumn Splendor
K507 Snowy Day
K508 Country Charm
K509 1959 Oliver
K510 Grassland Grazing
K511 Holsteins
K512 Herefords
K513 Angus Grazing
K514 Summer Piglet
K515 Shetland Sheepdogs
K516 Calico Kitten
K517 Best Friends
K518 Physical Fitness
K519 Quiet Devotion
K520 Family Bike Ride
K521 Welcome Home
K522 1925 Stutz
K523 1949 Chevrolet
K524 Megan
K525 Wine
K526 Dairy Foods
K527 Fruits and Vegetables
K528 Supreme Pizza
K529 Bountiful Harvest
K530 Baked Treats
K531 Our Lady of Guadalupe
K532 Last Supper
K533 Jesus with Fishermen
K534 As Long as There's a Sunset
K535 Woodland Whitetail
K536 Span-A-Year
K537 Pledge of Allegiance
K538 America
K539 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Item Specs

  • This super calendar features a large memo-style date pad with plenty of space to write down notes, appointments and events. You have a choice of full-color direct-on picture to display all year!
  • Due to the background color imprints other than black may not print true to color
  • 2015 Calendar
  • Top markets: retail, financial, utilities
  • 8"w x 12"h

Item Info

Available Colors:

K501 Mount Rainier National Park, K502 Maine Lighthouse, K503 Shoreline Sunset, K504 Autumn Stream, K505 Covered Bridge, K506 Autumn Splendor, K507 Snowy Day, K508 Country Charm, K509 1959 Oliver, K510 Grassland Grazing, K511 Holsteins, K512 Herefords, K513 Angus Grazing, K514 Summer Piglet, K515 Shetland Sheepdogs, K516 Calico Kitten, K517 Best Friends, K518 Physical Fitness, K519 Quiet Devotion, K520 Family Bike Ride, K521 Welcome Home, K522 1925 Stutz, K523 1949 Chevrolet, K524 Megan, K525 Wine, K526 Dairy Foods, K527 Fruits and Vegetables, K528 Supreme Pizza, K529 Bountiful Harvest, K530 Baked Treats, K531 Our Lady of Guadalupe, K532 Last Supper, K533 Jesus with Fishermen, K534 As Long as There's a Sunset, K535 Woodland Whitetail, K536 Span-A-Year, K537 Pledge of Allegiance, K538 America, K539 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Imprint Locations and Sizes

  • Center: 6-3/4"w x 1-3/4"h, 4 color(s) max -

Item Details

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