Biodegradable Plastic Bag

Promotional Biodegradable Bags are much like ordinary plastic shopping bags except for one major difference: these bags are great for the environment. Once discarded, exposure to sunlight, oxygen and heat will convert the plastic in this bag into water, carbon dioxide, mineral salt and biomass. They won't take up precious landfill space, and they won't leave behind any traces of harmful chemicals.
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Oxo Biodegradable Die Cut Bag

No more plastic shopping bag worries when you invest in a product from our line of Promotional Logo Biodegradable Shopping Bags! You can feel good about sending your brand out the door on bag that won't add to your local landfill.

How do our Promotional Biodegradable Bags Break Down? Tote bags made from plastic have received attention in recent years due to the slow manner in which they break down once they're discarded into landfills. Ordinary plastic shopping bags take decades, sometimes even centuries to decompose. In the mean time, they add to the tons of rubbish that ends up in landfills each year.

By contrast, Oxo biodredable shopping bags take only months to break down completely. Biodegradable plastics have added ingredients which speed up the decomposition process. All it takes is exposure to a little bit of sunlight and oxygen and they'll break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass (a source of energy).

In fact, Personalized Biodegradable Plastic Bags can actually be good for your business. Your customers will love the fact that you're an eco-conscious business and that your bags won't contribute to pollution.

Our Custom Biodegradable Bags can be imprinted with your business logo, just like our other promo shopping bags. They're an ideal choice for the modern, planet-loving business!

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