Logo Printed Promotional Disposable Camera

Promotional disposable cameras with your logo will bring back nostalgia of days gone by. They'll remind users what life was like before the digital age, and everyone will have fun going "old school" taking pictures and developing film. Logo printed disposable cameras are perfect for weddings and other events. Capturing a situation from an individual's point of view can be a lot of fun!
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Full Color Imprinted Promo Cameras With Your Custom Logo

Do you remember the good old days before the digital era when taking pictures wasn't taken for granted? There was something magical about using a camera with film, capturing faces, scenery and events that made an impression on you, filling up a roll of film and then waiting with anticipation to see the pictures after they were developed. Art Promos' line of promotional logo disposable cameras will stir up those old sentiments in those who remember the days of cameras with film. For those who only know digital photography, customized single use cameras will be a fun and memorable lesson in history and the science of picture taking and film development.

Promotional disposable cameras contain a pre-loaded, single roll of film. (Number of exposures varies from one camera to another. Be sure to read the product specifications to find out how many pictures you can expect to take with a particular single-use camera.) To take a picture, aim and click, then advance the film roll manually to get to the next exposure.

Custom logo disposable cameras are popular for use at weddings. Place one on each guest table and encourage guests to photograph events at and around their table. By the end of the wedding, the couple will have several dozen to hundreds of photos of their special day from the point of view of their guests. This idea works well at all kinds of different events, including parties and other kinds of celebrations. Disposable cameras with your logo are also great for corporate events.


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