Custom Mini Fans Imprinted With Your Logo

Cool off with one of these fun and totally customizable promotional personal mini fans. With just enough chill for one, our custom pocket fans can be carried, held, clipped on or placed on a desk or table top. Promotional mini fans are ideal for outdoor events on hot summer days. Use them at home, at work or outdoors to cool down and chill out in style.
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Promotional Pocket Fans With Logo Imprint

Chill out AND look cool with one of Art Promos' fun and funky promotional mini fans. Our custom electronic pocket fans really do fit in your pocket (although we suggest you only keep them there when they're turned off!). Plus, you'll also find a selection of imprintable hand-held manual fans. Both styles provide great chill on a hot day and excellent exposure for your business or brand.

Customized fans, whether manual or electric, are ideal promos for events where hot weather or excessive heat may be present. This includes both indoor and outdoor events. In fact, Art Promos recommends manual customized hand held fans for indoor events. Heat gets generated where large crowds are present, and these fun yet practical fans can be handed out to participants or audience members as a means of beating the heat without the need for batteries and without generating extra noise.

When it comes to outdoor events on a hot summer day, nothing beats one of our cool little promotional electronic pocket fans. They're just like a standard size fan, but small enough to fit in your hand. Powered by batteries, they generate just enough wind for one, providing a little breeze when the weather is sweltering. Not only do they make excellent giveaways, they also make a powerful revenue-generator during outdoor events.


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