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Safety Items
Home > Safety Items
Promotional safety items. Safety products with your custom logo or message imprinted.Safety products,safety vests, are a great promotion for children, for your safety event.
554598080 Deluxe First Aid Kit In A Promotional Bag
55460FESA5 Automobile Fire Extinguisher
55461RF-551 Tuff-Tek Lightweight Vest
55462RF-264 Silver Shoe Stickers
55463RF-264 Silver Shoe Stickers
55464RF-264 Silver Shoe Stickers
55465RF-510 Reflective Headband
55466RF-510 Reflective Headband
55467RF-515 Uniband Wristlet
55468RF-515 Uniband Wristlet
55469RF-729 Reflective Wristwallet
55470RF-729 Reflective Wristwallet
55471RF-729 Reflective Wristwallet
55472RF-200 Quad- Dots
55473RF-723 Bike Rite Reflector Set
55474RF-723 Bike Rite Reflector Set
55475RF-723 Bike Rite Reflector Set
55476KHS-60 Fire Safety Stickers
55477PA-IV Paper Fire Truck
5547810S-85P Junior Fire Fighter Hat
55479VCP-21 Fire Safety Open House Kit
55480IOS-597V Promotional Safety Balloons
55481IOS-897V Do Your Part: Be Fire Smart! Caryall Bag
55482KM-229 Do Your Part:Be Fire Smart! Bookmark
55483KCB-381 Fire Safety Is A Team Effort Educational Activity Book
55484IOS-569V Be Fire Smart! Pencils
55485STK-165P I'm Fire Smart! Ribbon
55486RS-524 I'm Fire Smart! Stickers on a roll
55487IOS-544V I'm Fire Smart! Temporary Tattoo
55488SK-84 Smoke Detector Fire Safety Kit
55489PH-30 Family Fire Escape Plans
55490YPP Imprinted Rain Poncho - Youth
55491715 Plastic Rain Poncho
554921400-10 Promotional Safety Kit - Highway Companion Safety Kit
554933850 Roadside Safety Kit
55494QSB43 Adjustable Apron
55495w800 First Aid Kit
55496VCP-35 Fire Savety Deluxe Open House Kit
55497HNDFLSH Hands On Flashlight
55498HNDFLSH Hands On Flashlight
55499HNDFLSH Hands On Flashlight
55500KCB-246 Firefighters Are My Friends Educational Activities Book
55501KCB-291 Volunteer Firefighters: Keeping Our Community Safe Educational Activities Book
55502KCB-341 Save Lives: Careers In EMS Educational Activities Book
55503KCB-66 Lets Learn About Bicycle Safety Educational Activities Book
55504462-SL Childproofing Your Home Slideguide
55505462-SL Childproofing Your Home Slideguide
55506814-SL Ergonomics: Prevent Injuries By Working Smart Slideguide
555071400-44 StaySafe Compact First Aid Kit
555081400-45 StaySafe Portable First Aid Kit
555091025-27 Projection Clock Keyring
555101400-10 Highway Companion Safety Kit
555111400-50 StaySafeDeluxe Auto Safety Kit
555121400-77 Automotive Travel Set - Includes Notepad
555131670-14 Security Proximeter
555141630-10 Deluxe 3 in 1 Digital Tire Gauge Light
555158150-53 Case Logic Satellite Radio Case
555168150-51 Case Logic Universal MP3 Case
555171300-85 Executive Business Set 256MB v.2.0
55518ES9002 Etoile
55519GL2004 SHERPA
5552110201 Flashing Stick
5552210039 Rectangle Beach Safe
5552310090 Visor Sunglasses Holder
5552410170 Rectangle Tote Sun Kit
5552510256 Back to the Beach Kit
5552610248 Beach Bottle
5552715102 Rx Pad Holder
5552840240 Fingerprint I.D. Kit
5552940240 Fingerprint I.D. Kit
5553040241 Animals Pocket Pack
5553140457 Auto-Sensor Night Light
5553240457 Auto-Sensor Night Light
5553340457 Auto-Sensor Night Light
5553440013 Outdoor Pocket Pack
5553540193 Eye Mask
5553640361 First Responder Kit
5553750023 Highway Safety Tote
5553850036 Premium Travel Adventures Highway Kit
5553950038 Premium Open Wide Highway Kit
5554050039 Reflective Highway Kit
5554150043 Reflective Safety Vest
5554250054 Survivor Whistle
5554350055 Reflective Snap Band
5554440054 Rectangle Tote Sun Kit
55545F725 Beacon Umbrella
555461045 Hitpromo Neon Reflective Baseball Cap
555471045 Hitpromo Neon Reflective Baseball Cap
555481045 Hitpromo Neon Reflective Baseball Cap
555497036 Auto Safety Kit
55550HW215 Multi-Plier & Torch Light Set
555515595 4-in-1 Turbo Radio Light
55552DP-567 3-Way Flashing Safety Light
55553EL17 Audio Speaker Bag
55554SWK Safety Whistle Keylite
55555FL50 5 LED Keylight
55556VC01 Sunglass Visor Clip
55557WP45 THE WOWLINE Fire Chief Hat
555585440 Orbitor Safety & Warning Light
555595440 Orbitor Safety & Warning Light
55560SM-1500 Travel First Aid Kit
55561812 On The Mend First Aid & Sewing Kit
55562538 Manicure Set with Sewing Kit
55563528 Cachette ID Purse
55564542 The Classic Squeeze Purse
55565785 See-Thru Zip Pouch
55566786 Rainbow Colors Coin & Key Zip Purse
55567787 Fun Colors Coin & Key Zip Purse
55568788 Safari Colors Coin & Key Zip Purse
55569790 The Calypso Coin & Key Zip Purse
55570H-266 Comb/File/Vinyl Case
55571940 The Twin Zip Purse
55572945 The Kangaroo Three Pocket Purse
55573503 The Satin Groomer
55574811 First Aid Clip-On Kit w/Pain Reliever
55575810 First Aid Clip-On Kit
55576800 First Aid Travel Kit
555781218 ADULT BIB
55579F7104 Pronto Poncho
55580FL29R Nyloglo Lock Bag
55581L30R TexOLeather Lock Bag
55582L30P TexOLeather Lock Bag -small
55583L30Q TexOLeather Professional Lock Bag -medium
55584060-81175 4 Piece Hiking Set
55585CARENSKT Care Essentials Kit
55586A320 Travel First Aid Kit - Empty
55587A24-59-30 Patterned Quilted Oven Mitt
55588CW717 Dalmation Dog Shaped Ball Point Pen
55589TOOL0039-P Multi function emergency digital tire gauge
55590TOOL0039-SP+ Multi function emergency digital tire gauge
55591TOOL0039-SD Multi function emergency digital tire gauge
55592TOOL0050 3pc Set Auto Set
55593ek-005-blank Emergency Rain Poncho
55596GR6140 Solar Pedometer
55597GR2300 OVEN MITT
55599GT6012 16 IN ONE AUTO KIT
55601BT3109 Manicure set in a pouch
55602GT9050 Digital Tire Gauge
55603GC1705-4G 4GB Color Drive
556046650-09 Oink! (Piggy Coin Bank)
556051220-36 1 L.E.D. Carabiner Pen Light
556061490-11 StaySafe Key Chain First Aid Kit
556071490-10 StaySafe EVA First Aid Kit
556083350-19 Basic Car Safety Set
556093350-14 9-in-1 Car Escape Tool
556101630-20 Safe One Pedometer with Panic Alarm
556113350-30 Safety Vest Set
556121025-80 StayFit Deluxe Salad ExpressKit
5561321013 Paragon Booster Kit
5561421014 Paragon Highway Kit
5561521015 Deluxe Paragon Highway Kit
556168335 Personal Property Inventory
55617H100 Bandage Mate "5"
55618H100 Bandage Mate "5"
55619603BLU Cell Phone Holder
55620603CHA Cell Phone Holder
55621603RED Cell Phone Holder
55622607BLU Cell Phone Holder with Coin & Key Pouch
55623607CHA Cell Phone Holder with Coin & Key Pouch
55624609BLU Cell Phone Holder
55625609BLA Cell Phone Holder
55626UA105 Artsy Apron
55627UA107 Highrise Apron
55628UA116 Monroe Apron
556292050-03 42" Auto Folding Safety Umbrella
55631715 RAIN PONCHO
55633TLK2100 Wally Ice Scraper
55634TLK1900 Aspen Ice Scraper
55635TLK1500 Buffalo Ice Scraper
55636BOC100 Edison Outlet Cover
55637TAG900 Blinker Round Blinking Light
55638TAG900 Blinker Round Blinking Light
55639LL207 Promotional Emergency Light
55640LL207 Promotional Emergency Light
55641LL207 Promotional Emergency Light
55642PO 788794 Promotional 4 In 1 Flashlight / Emergency Light
55643PO 788794 Promotional 4 In 1 Flashlight / Emergency Light
55644TRAVL0024 Promotional Personal Alarm With Light
556457040 Promotional Auto Safety Tool
55646WH45 Metal Whistle Keychain
55647BL199 Luggage Lock
55648FA10 10 Pc Travel Flu Kit

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