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Best Promotional Giveaways for Trade Shows -
"The Three C's"

Participating in a trade show is an excellent way to give your business a high degree of exposure.  Hundreds of trade shows are held around the country every month, so the opportunities are rife.  Of course, there will hundreds of other businesses showcasing their services and wares along with you.  Some of these businesses may even be your direct competitors.  The trick is getting your business to stand out above the rest.  One way to do this is to literally put your business into the hands of trade show visitors by distributing promotional giveaways with your business information and logo on them.

Promotional items give visitors a tangible reminder of your products, services, or the conversation that you or your staff may have had with them.  Promotional giveaways are arguably one of the most effective forms of advertising for two reasons.  First, handing a customer a promotional giveaway is a form of direct advertising.  As a business owner or manager, you have a few seconds to a few minutes to make a direct and personal impact on a trade show visitor.  A fruitful and informative conversation about your business topped off with that tangible reminder you hand out is advertising that is more likely to be remembered later on.  Second, promotional giveaways are economical.  Many promotional items can be purchased for mere pennies or dollars per unit, making them affordable even for small businesses.

One of the main concerns that business owners have when it comes to promotional giveaways for trade shows is transporting them.  Trying to transport large and unwieldy boxes of promotional items even short distances can be problematic.  It can be double trouble if the items are fragile or breakable.  Cargo space is almost always limited when traveling to trade shows, whether by airplane or vehicle.  Business owners need promotional giveaways that not only help distinguish them from their competitors, but don't take up too much precious cargo space.

The best promotional giveaways for trade shows are those that are small, compact, not easily breakable and economical.  The next time you participate in a trade show, remember the "Three C's" of promotional giveaways.


Every office and almost every household in North America has at least one computer, making computer-related giveaways ideal.

I recommend: Promotional computer items like imprinted mouse pads, USB hubs, custom flash drives and Cd holders.  They are economical and lightweight.  Plus, they're practical for almost every type of computer-user.



Everyone needs at least one!

I recommend: Imprinted wall calendars, personalized pocket calendars or day-planners calendars make handy promotional giveaways for most every kind of person.  Plus, they're light and compact.


Imprinted calculators are perfect for both home and office use and are useful, practical giveaways.

I recommend: Carabiner-style calculators and ruler calculators.  They are unusual enough to make a memorable impression on the receiver, and small enough for you to transport easily.

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