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Imprinted Lunch Bags, Promotional Insulated Lunch Bags

Few things say "school" like a lunch bag.  Almost everyone has fond memories of a favorite lunch box or bag from their childhood.  It serves as something of a symbol of childhood for many.  This is one of the reasons that advertisers looking to reach a younger audience often turn to imprinted lunch bags as a promotional tool.  They're effective, they're memorable and they have the potential to reach a very large audience of school children with an important message.

Advertising to children is a little bit different than reaching out to adults.  Here a few things to keep in mind when you're selecting your imprinted lunch bags:

* Consider the age of the recipientImprinted lunch bags come in a wide variety of styles and designs.  Here at, we carry everything from simple, single-compartment Velcro-closure bags to promotional insulated lunch bags with multiple compartments, pockets and extra features.

When advertising to very young children, keep in mind that they may have trouble with bags that have complicated closures.  Velcro-closures are ideal for children six and younger because they are easy for small hands to operate, even those for whom all of the fine motor skills have yet to fully develop.  Older children and teens, on the other hand, won't have trouble with zipper closures.  Older children may especially appreciate having extra compartments and pockets for stashing smaller foods and personal items.  Features like flexible exterior pockets designed for holding beverage or promotional water bottles are ideal for teens.

* Insulated or non-insulated? carries very basic bags that are constructed with a single layer of heavy fabric, as well as imprinted lunch bags made with multiple layers and even a layer of foam insulation.  Non-insulated bags are less expensive and ideal for small advertisers on tight budgets, or to give away as trade show and event gifts.

However, food items inside of a non-insulated bag will warm up faster than those kept in a bag that is insulated.  Imprinted insulated lunch bags are designed with insulating layers to prevent heat exchange.  Insulation may or may not be important to your receivers (or, more specifically, their parents), but it will help if you have a good idea of the audience you are catering to.

* What color should I buy?  Generally speaking, young girls tend to prefer lighter, brighter colors while young boys gravitate more toward primary colors and darker colors.  If you are hoping to target a young audience of both boys and girls, stay away from the extreme ends of the color spectrum.  Aim somewhere in the middle and choose a primary color that appeals to both sexes, such as blue or red.

As for older children and teens, primary colors are often a good choice.  Black is another good color that appeals to a broad audience.  If your budget permits, it is even better to choose more than one color and let your recipients have a choice.

* Keep safety first.  Very young children (particularly those under age 5) are more likely to do unexpected things, like pulling a snap off of a lunch bag and trying to swallow it.  If you're targeting preschool-aged children, make sure your selection is appropriate for that age group.

* Wash-ability.  Kids are messy.  Inevitably, their lunch bag will get messy.  Parents will appreciate it if you choose an imprinted lunch bag that is easy to clean, either by wiping with a cloth or by throwing it in the washing machine.

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