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Custom Canvas Bags, Promotional Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas has long been a favorite for construction of tote bags.  There are several reasons why, but the biggest are durability and cost.  Canvas is extremely strong and durable, due largely to its unique weave.  When made into a custom canvas bag, it has the potential to last for years, even decades.  And as far as cost is concerned, canvas is highly economical and affordable, and therefore ideal as a material for a bag that is intended as a mass advertising tool.  Even advertisers on small budgets can afford to purchase promotional canvas tote bags.

But there is another reason that custom canvas bags are resurging in popularity with advertisers of all types.  It's not really a secret: painters have understood it for centuries.  Canvas is one of the best materials for imprinting on.

The Four Color Process of Printing             

Most printers today, whether it is a common home computer printer, a complex office-style printer or an industrial printer, employ the four-color process for printing.  If you own a modern printer at home, you have undoubtedly experienced this process even if you didn't realize it.

The four-color process takes a given image and separates its colors into four color values.  (It's a bit like taking a fraction with a large numerator and denominator and reducing it to its smallest value.)  The four basic colors are cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and black.  By mixing these basic four colors together in various amounts, almost every color, tone and shade imaginable can be reproduced accurately.  The obvious advantage to the four-color process is that only four inks are needed rather than dozens (or hundreds), which would be very onerous and inefficient.  Look around: just about every image that you see that is not an original hand-painting has been created using the four-color process, from photographs to prints of artwork to, yes, the logos that you see on promotional t-shirts and other promotional items likes pens and calendars.

The four-color process can be applied to almost any surface, as long as you have the right equipment that is.  But some surfaces are better than others when it comes to imprinting colors.  Canvas happens to be one of the best, for several reasons:

* It readily accepts the transfer of ink.

* It produces vibrant, accurate color representations.

* It resists ink bleed so that lines and borders stay crisp and defined.

* Ink adheres well to canvas.  Imprints will last for years on canvas with little fading, even after washing.

* Ink dries and sets quickly on canvas.

* Ink won't flake or rub off easily as with other types of materials.

If you're looking for the best bang for your buck in terms of a promotional giveaway, custom canvas bags are hard to beat.  They are cost effective in terms of their practicality and durability, and they will give you an excellent representation of your business logo, even logos that have complex colors and designs.  If you're looking to imprint a full-color photo, canvas bags can't be beaten when it comes to transferability and being able to maintain vibrancy for a long period of time.

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