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The briefcase has come a long way from its high-society origins. Once considered a bag only for elite professionals, the modern-day version has morphed into a variety of styles that are ideal for use by all kinds of professionals and ordinary citizens alike.

When looking specifically for a promotional briefcase, advertisers have a lot of options to consider. While some people automatically think of the boxy, leather, suitcase-style briefcases associated with lawyers (one of the first groups of professionals to adopt this device en masse), today all kinds of people from hippies to doctors use some modern form of the briefcase.

When you’re choosing the right kind of custom printed briefcase for your particular ad campaign, think about your audience and what kind of features would be important to them, features like these:

* Soft or rigid?  Early versions of the briefcase, at least in North America, were made from some type of rigid material, like wood.  In fact, some were literally boxes with handles.  As the device developed over the years along with technology, new kinds of materials were used in their manufacture.  Today they’re made from all kinds of different materials (although rigid wooden ones are still available and preferred by some professionals), including canvas, neoprene, polyester and other types of sturdy fabric.  They are more flexible than their rigid predecessors.  The flexible kind are sometimes preferred by commuters who use public transportation because the take up less space and are easier to fit and hold on the lap.

* Briefcase or “attaché”?  Technically, the rigid, rectangular, boxy-type cases made of leather and often associated with lawyers are actually “attaché” cases. While there is a lot disagreement about the original differences between the two, “attaché” typically refers exclusively to the type that fit the previous description.  On the other hand, the term “briefcase” is a more general term that can be applied to a rigid leather case with a handle or to other types of bags that are rectangular in shape and designed so that documents can fit inside without having to fold them.

* Handles, carry straps or both?  The “attaché” is more like a suitcase in that it’s rigid and has just one set of carry handles along the length of the top.  Soft briefcases usually offer not just handles for carrying the bag like a suitcase, but also a long, adjustable carry strap.  This gives the user the option of putting the strap over the shoulder so that the bag can be carried and transported hands-free.  This option is often preferred by commuters because it’s more convenient and compact.

* Compartments and pockets. Briefcases may have one or two (sometimes more) main compartments inside.  Some may have additional smaller pockets either on the inside or outside (or both) of the bag.  Pockets can be a convenient place for holding smaller documents or personal items like cell phones.

* Size and shape.  The term “briefcase” generally refers to a bag that’s the same size and shape as a standard or legal size piece of paper, since the original briefcase was made to hold documents.  However, today the term is more loosely used and can refer to bags that are smaller and shaped differently.

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