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Promotional Fanny Packs

The popularity of the fanny pack has waxed and waned since it first became part of mainstream fashion in the 1980's. In its early years it was more of a fashion accessory than a functional piece of luggage, though it did prove to be a convenient place to carry keys and credit cards. The basic design of this accessory hasn't changed much over the decades, but the things that people carry in it certainly have, and it's the reason that businesses are turning to the promotional fanny packs as an effective means of advertising.

Whatever your feelings about the fanny pack, there's no denying its inherent functionality and the convenience that it provides.  There is no better way to keep important personal items close at hand but still keep those hands free than to use a fanny pack.  Pockets may have been sufficient for carrying personal items  25 years ago, but the things that the average person carries today have increased both in size and in number, and pockets just aren't big enough anymore.  Just try fitting a cell phone into one of those tiny little pockets inside a pair of athletic shorts when you go jogging and you'll understand this.  The fanny pack is just the right size for your Smartphone, your house keys and even bottled water.  Manufacturers of early versions of the fanny pack might not have foreseen that today this accessory is even being used to carry items for personal protection, like guns and pepper spray.

Marketing your Promotional Fanny Pack

Whether you plan to sell it or to give it away to customers, your fanny pack advertising campaign will be more successful if you target the right group of people.  Those who are most likely to use one include:

* Tourists- Fanny packs are still very popular with travelers.  It allows them to keep items like their phones, money, wallets and passport holder close at hand.  Unlike a purse or bag, a fanny pack can't be set down and accidentally left behind. It's also less likely to be snatched by a thief than a bag or purse.  They can be worn anywhere, even on a roller coaster, and the wearers hands will always be free.

* Walkers/joggers- Jogging has always posed a security problem: what do you do with your house keys when you leave for your morning run?  The pockets on athletic shorts are almost always too small to hold promotional keychains.  Even if you opt to take just your house key (minus the ring), there's a chance that movement will cause your key to fall out of your pocket.  The promotional fanny packs solves the problem of where to put the house key when jogging or walking, and there's even room for other items, too, like water. carries a variety of designs in promotional fanny packs, from basic, single-compartment styles to ones with dedicated water bottle pockets, card slots and small coin pouches built in.  Each one features an adjustable belt and can accommodate most waist sizes.

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