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Imprinted Backpacks, Promotional Backpacks

When most people think of a backpack, they picture the kind that school children carry to school. But promotional backpacks actually come in a wide range of styles, and they're perfect for all kinds of uses besides carrying school supplies and books. Imprinted backpacks with your business logo or personalized message make excellent promos for all kinds of businesses, not just those that cater to students. Some of the most popular styles include these five, and one may be just right for your next advertising campaign:

1) The Sling Backpack: This one is so-called because it has only one strap instead of two as with a traditional imprinted backpack. Instead of being worn on the back, it is carried by slinging it over one shoulder. A sling backpack is usually smaller than a regular backpack. Rather than carrying books, it is meant for carrying lighter, smaller items. It's ideal for holding personal items like clothing, water bottles, snacks, cell phones and keys.  They are often the preferred style for going to the gym, tennis court, beach or on short hikes.

2) The Computer Backpack: This style is usually similar to a traditional, student-style backpack.  The major difference is that it's main compartment has been specifically designed to hold, transport and protect a portable computer. Computer backpacks often have compartment walls that are reinforced with some kind of stiff material, such as cardboard or plastic, which helps to keep the computer from being jostled and possibly damaged. They may contain other, smaller compartments for carrying Promotional office accessories like  folders, caculators, paperwights or small personal items like cell phones.

3) The Drawstring Backpack: This particular design is something of a cross between a student backpack and a sling backpack.  Its compartment is small like those of sling backpack with a single, drawstring opening at the top. However, like a regular back pack, it has two straps (or may have strings instead of straps) and meant to be worn on the back. This type is a good choice for hiking or going to the beach.  It's the perfect size for a pair of tennis shoes, a water bottle and small personal items or even a lunch.

4) The Picnic bag : This type usually looks like an ordinary backpack from the outside. They have insulated compartments designed to maintain food temperature and keep foods hot or cold for several hours so that food stays fresh.  Some picnic backpacks come with accessories like plates and cutlery.  All you need to add is food!

5) Of course, there's always the traditional, school-style backpack.  Not just for students, they're also ideal for commuters and professionals and even for parents spending an afternoon in the park with kids.  Art Promos' selection includes a wide variety of styles and materials from casual to business to luxurious.

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