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Promotional Fanny Packs, Imprinted Fanny Packs

The fanny pack has had many ups and downs over the two-plus decades since it made its way into mainstream fashion.  Like many fashion icons, its popularity has waxed and waned, and waxed and waned again, and again.  But its usefulness can't be denied, regardless of its place in mainstream fashion. 

Today's fanny packs are every bit as functional as their early predecessors, and some even more so, thanks to technological advances.  But today's versions are more than utilitarian.  They're functional and stylish and come in so many designs that there's one for any and every purpose imaginable.  This is why advertisers are still turning to the promotional fanny pack.  People like them and use them, and they are affordable as a direct advertising tool.

Success in your promotional fanny pack marketing campaign will be more attainable if you take some of these tips into consideration. has collected and developed them after years of marketing experience and working with hundreds of advertisers around the US:

1) Choose the right type: Many people associate the fanny pack with travel and tourists. However, they can have a number of different applications and uses.  Promotional fanny packs come in a variety of styles, and certain styles are more appropriate for certain situations.  Travel-style fanny packs, for instance, are often fairly compact and come with specialized pockets for things that travelers need to keep close at hand, like promotional keychains, passports, credit cards and cash and typical promotional travel items.  Others are designed for specific activities, like hiking.  Hiking fanny packs tend to have fewer specialized pockets and sometimes have a larger main compartment for snacks and promotional water bottles or even an attached water bottle loop or pouch. 

Consider what your customers will be using their fanny packs for.  For example, if your business is sporting goods or outdoors, then your customers will want a promotional fanny pack that is made for hiking or sports purposes rather than traveling.

2) Choose the right size: Fanny packs come in different sizes, and one-size-fits-all doesn't always apply.  If your target customer is female, choose a smaller one with a waist belt that's not too big.  Men may need a bigger style.  If your target audience is a mix of males and females then choose a style that has an adjustable belt that can go from extra small to extra large and everything in between. 

3) Choose the right style: Women tend to prefer fanny packs with compartments that aren't big and overpowering while men may prefer styles with larger compartments.  If your trying to target men and women, choose a style that's somewhere in the middle and in a neutral, universal colour and design.

4) Think light: The idea of using a fanny pack is to make carrying around personal essentials easily.  The people who use them may be walking around for hours, whether they're on vacation in a foreign city or hunting in the back woods.  They don't want to be weighed down, so choose something that's lightweight and practical.

5) Educate your customers about the safe use of your promotional fanny pack: Fanny packs are convenient for carrying personal items, but they are sometimes targeted by thieves.  Make sure your customers know not to keep a lot of cash or expensive items inside and to pack only the very essentials inside.  They should wear the belt as tightly as is comfortable so that the pack isn't as easy to snatch.  They should always be aware of their surroundings and the fanny pack.  Finally, the compartment should never be worn on the back but always in the front or on a side to make it harder for a thief to get to the contents.

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