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Promotional Stainless Steel Mugs, Imprinted Stainless Steel Mugs

Stainless steel mugs have surpassed ceramic mugs as an advertising favorite. They’re a consumer favorite, too, for many reasons. They are highly durable, easy to clean and impossible to break.  They do not absorb odors or flavors.  And today there are more promotional stainless steel mug styles to choose from than ever before. carries several major styles, including:

1) The travel mug: Personalized​ Travel mugs are designed to commute, with long, slender and sleek bodies made to fit into a car console’s drink holder.  The promotional stainless steel travel mug is a great alternative to ceramic because it is lighter and much easier to carry while on-the-go, and it is more durable than one made from plastic. 

Stainless steel travel mugs are often constructed with a double-wall design.  This means that it consists of an outer wall made from stainless steel and a separate inner wall made from another material, usually heavy-duty, food-grade plastic.  In between the two walls is a space that is either empty or filled with foam insulation.  This design helps to keep the beverage inside at a constant temperature for longer.  It’s also much better for holding hot beverages, since the extra layers prevent the outside of the mug from becoming too hot to the touch.  Art Promos has a number of different imprinted stainless steel travel mugs, some with straight lines and others with curves and waves, and each one is equally portable and convenient.

2) The classic: It’s shaped like a regular ceramic mug with a C-shaped handle. It offers users the classic look of a mug but all of the advantages of stainless steel.  Like the travel mug, it is often designed with double-wall construction for better insulation and burn prevention.

3) The tumbler: Reusable Promotional tumblers have become increasingly popular over the last decade, and the stainless steel version offers all of the same benefits as plastic tumblers with the added advantages of being durable and easy to clean.  Many of the metal tumblers that we carry come with a lid and straw (if designed for cold beverages) or with a screw-on, sip-through lid (if designed for hot beverages).  If you’re considering purchasing a stainless steel tumbler, make sure you read the product specifications to determine if it is designed only for cold beverages or for both hot and cold.

4) The water bottle: With a growing movement away from disposable customized bottled water, more people are opting for reusable when jogging, riding or exercising.  Like their plastic counterparts, the promotional stainless steel water bottle is typically tall and slim and comes with a screw-on cap made from metal or heavy duty plastic.  They are as slender as plastic water bottles but still lightweight enough to be suitable for jogging or riding.

5) The Personalized thermos: This one has always been a favorite and is perfect for keeping coffee or soup hot for hours.  They typically come with a screw on lid/seal and cup.

Stainless steel is an ideal imprinting surface for your advertising message.  It results in a smooth-looking imprint that adheres well and lasts for years, making promotional stainless steel mugs and drinkware a cost-effective advertising tool.

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