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Promotional Sunglasses, Logo Imprinted Sunglasses

Promotional sunglasses make fun and effective advertising gifts for summer time events and trade shows as well as for outdoor events. They can be given away, sold as a concession item or even sold as a means of raising money for a cause or group.

Art Promos carries more than 40 different models in a variety of styles. While sunglasses styles can vary greatly (and some may even cross-over into multiple style categories), there are four basic styles that you can choose from. They include:

1) Aviator sunglasses: When this style was first invented, it was so-named because they were created especially for pilots to wear while flying. They are characterized by very thin wire frames with a double or triple bridge between the lenses. The lenses are generally quite dark, and originally only allowed in about 15 percent light. The style caught on quickly and soon the general public wanted to get their hands on aviator sunglasses. Today they are popular with all kinds of people, particularly adults over the age of 20.

2) Sport sunglasses: This style is characterized by half frames that are usually made from plastic. Their stems are usually more rounded than straight, which helps them to stay on better when the wearer is being subjected to high impact movement, such as while playing sports. This design keeps them from falling or flying off. This type is popular with athletes, hikers, bikers and casual sports players.

3) Novelty sunglasses: This type refers to sunglasses which have some kind of design or design feature that would be considered unusual, artistic or beyond ordinary. Novelty sunglasses are usually made from plastic and may feature artwork, stylized frames or lenses, specially molded frames or non-standard shaped lenses (i.e. heart, clover leaf, flower). Novelty sunglasses are popular with children and teens and are often worn for holiday celebrations and masquerading.

4) Casual/fashion sunglasses: This category covers just about every other style. They may have plastic or metal frames. The lenses may come in several different shapes, including round, square, oval and asymmetrical. They can also come in a variety of sizes, from very small to four or five times the area of the eyeball (often referred to as "oversize" sunglasses). These types of sunglasses have a very broad appeal, and some styles are suitable for both men and women (unisex).

Advertisers should choose a pair of promotional sunglasses based on two main factors: the type of event or advertising campaign and the target market. For instance,  novelty sunglasses might be an appropriate choice for a St. Patrick's Day celebration, while a pair of imprinted sport sunglasses would be a great choice for a sporting event. A simple and inexpensive pair of casual promotional sunglasses with a plastic frame would be ideal for a children's event or ad campaign. Our inventory of promotional sunglasses comes with the option of logo imprint on the stem. Some come with cases, holders or bags which can also be imprinted with your business logo or personalized message.



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