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Promotional Shoe Bags

The promotional shoe bag is an ideal way to target professionals, athletes and sports enthusiasts with your branding. It's also one of the best ways to care for your shoes. Here are some practical and informative tips on the proper and best use of shoe bags for taking care of your favourite pair of shoes, as well as some of the benefits you'll get.

* Use a shoe bag to protect shoes from UV damage.  Everyone knows that UV rays damage the skin, but the fact is that ultra-violet light from the sun takes its toll on everything, including shoes.  UV light will fade them faster.  And with leather shoes, UV light will cause them to stiffen and the leather to crack.  Storing your shoes inside a shoe bag helps to block out damaging UV rays so your shoes stay newer-looking much longer.

* Promotional shoe bags make commuting easier.  If your trip to work involves walking and waiting around in all kinds of weather for buses or trains, you may find it easier to wear a comfortable pair of sneakers and change into your works shoes when you arrive at your destination.  Keeping your work shoes in a dedicated bag keeps them dry and out of the elements.  Plus, your feet will be happier and healthier if you wear comfortable shoes during your commute.  Most shoe bags are lightweight and streamlined so you won't be adding bulk or weight to the load you're already carrying to work.

* Shoe bags protect your shoes from scuffing and scratching.  A great pair of shoes isn't always easy to find, nor are they cheap.  Protect your investment and extend the longevity of your best shoes by carrying them in a shoe bag.

* Select the right kind of promotional shoe bag for a particular type of shoe.  Some shoe bags are general purpose while others are made for a specific type of shoe.  Some shoes can be stored in a general purpose bag while others should be carried in a bag designed for that kind of shoe, like golf shoes.  If you're an advertiser, select a bag based on the type of shoe/client you're targeting.

* Shoe bags are a must for air-travel.  Everything in a suitcase is subject to a beating when you travel by air, including your shoes.  Storing your shoes in a dedicated bag helps to keep them from being crushed and from rubbing against other items in your suitcase and getting scratched and scuffed.  Shoe bags are small and compact and can easily be brought on as carry-on luggage and they stow nicely in an airplane's overhead compartment and even under many airplane seats.

* Shoe bags are ideal for accessories.  Art Promos carries a variety of promotional shoe bags that feature extra compartments which are perfect for holding accessories like a spare pair of laces or an emergency supply of shoe polish.

* Shoe bags make ideal gym companions.  Keep your athletic shoes in pristine condition by carrying them to the gym in a shoe bag.  While you're at the gym you can keep your street shoes in your bag and stow them in a locker.

Art Promos has a wide selection of promotional shoe bags, both general purpose as well as bags designed for a particular type of shoe.  Our inventory includes both flexible and rigid styles and come in prices that range from economy to luxury and appeal to a wide audience.



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