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Promotional Cooler Bags, Imprinted Insulated Bags

Remember the days when you had to carry a clunky ice chest to the beach just so you could have cold drinks on hand?  Not anymore!  Although rigid-sided ice chests are still available for those who prefer to be old-school, the cooler bags of today are more convenient and portable.  As an advertising tool, promotional cooler bags are excellent for customers who like to go camping, picnicking or spend time cooling off at the beach.

Cooler Bag Technology

The original ice chest was made out of galvanized metal.  Later versions were made from hard plastic.  They were double-walled with a layer of dense Styrofoam in between which helped to keep the contents cool.  Today's ice chests are still made this same basic way.

Styrofoam was a suitable insulator, but it had to be relatively thick to maintain internal temperatures for an extended period of time.  And, of course, Styrofoam is easily dented and broken, so it had to be encapsulated in a hard shell to prevent breakage.  As such, ice chests have to be rigid.

By contrast, cooler bags are not rigid.  Instead, they are usually made from heavy but flexible fabrics, like polyester, on the outside. The inside is lined with heavy duty foil.  In between the outer and inner layers are layers of materials like flexible foam, which are thin but dense and have the ability to maintain internal temperatures for several hours.  This technology allows for a bag that is flexible and thin and, therefore, easy and convenient to transport.  Also, unlike their rigid predecessors, cooler bags can be manufactured in a wider variety of sizes and shapes. 

The Convenience of Promotional Cooler Bags

Here at, we carry a wide range of promotional cooler bags in various sizes.  Different sized bags are suitable for different purposes.  Our smallest imprinted insulated bags are the perfect size for a lunch bag and ideal for carrying to school or work.  Art Promos also carries numerous mid-size models.  These are ideal for picnics or for a day at the beach, or for holding 12 or 24 standard-size beverage cans.  Our larger models are excellent for taking camping or other occasions where food and meals are required for more than one day.

Besides being less clunky, today's insulated cooler bags have the advantage of being lighter and more convenient to transport.  Art Promos' promotional cooler bags come with handles and adjustable straps for carrying and can easily be carried by one person.  Designers often add other features, like outside pockets, which can be used for packing smaller items that don't necessarily have to be kept as cooler as the inside contents.  Extra food and even personal items like keys and cell phones can be stowed in outside pockets, eliminating the need for a purse or extra bag when spending a day picnicking in the park.



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