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Imprinted Lunch Bags, Promotional Insulated Lunch Bags

Yesterday's lunch box is today's lunch bag.  Though you might be nostalgic for those old metal boxes, the modern imprinted insulated lunch cookler bag is a cut above the old lunch box in terms of its ability to keep food fresh.  And since every kid and lots of working adults need something to carry his or her lunch in, many advertisers are cashing in by marketing with imprinted lunch bags.

Experts recommend that perishable food items, like those commonly stored in a lunch bag (deli meats, cheese, cooked foods, milk, yogurt, etc.), always be kept at a temperature at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is very difficult to do with a plastic or metal lunch box because neither provides very good insulation.  Brown paper bags or plastic bags are even worse.  Unless you're able to put your lunch into a refrigerator immediately upon arrival at school or work, chances are good that by the time your lunch break rolls around, you food may be warmer than 40 degrees.  Unless, that is, you use an insulated lunch bag.

Layers are the key to the insulated bag's (sometimes called "cooler bags") ability to keep its contents cool.  Each one is made of at least one outer layer, one inner layer and a layer of insulation material in between.  The outer layer can be made from a variety of materials, like heavy fabric, plastic or vinyl.  The middle layer is the most important layer.  It is generally made of some type of foam, which is one of the best insulators and is conveniently lightweight and flexible.  The bag's inner layer is usually made from some type of waterproof material.  Plastic, vinyl and foil liners are most common.

While insulated lunch bags are better than plastic, metal and paper at preventing contents from warming up, experts recommend adding a gel ice pack to the contents.  Gel packs contain a flexible type of gel inside of a heavy, sealed plastic pouch.  Gel packs can be kept in the freezer and added to a lunch bag in the morning.  Gel packs are slow to thaw and they'll help to keep the bag's contents cold much longer than without.'s line of promotional insulated lunch bags come in a range of styles, designs and colors.  They may come with a single compartment for food, or they may have multiple compartments or extra storage features like outside pockets or flexible mesh side pockets for holding a promotional water bottle or beverage. They typically have either a Velcro-closure or a zippered closure to keep contents inside (even if the bag gets turned upside down or stuffed inside a crowded backpack).  Simple designs start at less than two dollars each per bag (including imprint).  Deluxe models cost between six and ten dollars each.

Art Promos recommends choosing your promotional insulated lunch bag based on your target audience.  For children, simple designs are usually best.  Older students and working adults will be more impressed with an imprinted lunch bag with at least a few extra pockets for storage.

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