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Promotional Briefcases, Custom Printed Briefcases

Promotional briefcases have long been the business person’s go-to for transporting documents and other essential work-related items.  While early versions of the modern briefcase were associated with lawyers, they soon became the bag of choice for professionals of all kinds. 

Today they are seeing a resurgence in popularity.  No longer exclusive to the working professional, they are carried by students of all ages, commuters and, increasingly, laptop users.  In fact, it is the increase in laptop computers that are, at least in part, responsible for the renewed interest in briefcases.  This is because they’re not just the perfect size and shape for paper documents, they’re also ideal for holding a laptop computer and computer accessories.  Whether you use yours as a computer bag or for other work-related items, advertisers are realizing the potential for reaching a whole new market with custom printed briefcases.

Imprinting your logo on a promotional briefcase is an excellent way to reach a broad audience with an advertising message.  To get the most bang for your advertising buck, you’ll have the most success by selecting a design that is appropriate for both men and women.  Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when picking a unisex custom printed briefcase:

* Look for neutral colors.  Avoid pastels, which won’t appeal to most of your male customers.  Instead, look for bags in colors like black, brown or gray shades.  Earth tones also have broad appeal and transcend gender lines.  Primary colors like reds and blues also work well for both men and women.

* Choose solid colors rather than patterns.  Men tend to shy away from patterns, even those that aren’t feminine.  Customers of both genders will be much more open to accepting a promotional briefcase that is solid in color rather than patterned.

* Keep simplicity in mind when picking a design. Some women don’t mind and even appreciate elaborate designs, but most men don’t.  If you’re appealing to both men and women, stick with a design that’s on the simple side.

* Pick a model with an adjustable shoulder strap.  Most of the non-rigid promotional briefcases we carry at feature both carry handles, like a traditional model, and a shoulder strap.  The shoulder strap allows the user the option of carrying the bag hands-free.  It’s an excellent feature to offer, just make sure to choose a model that has a shoulder strap that can adjust to different lengths.  People come in all different sizes, of course, and men tend to be taller, in general, than women.  An adjustable strap lets the user fit his or her size whether short or tall or somewhere in between.

* Opt for a flexible model rather than a rigid one.  Promotional briefcases made with flexible materials like nylon, neoprene, polyester and other fabrics will appeal to a wider audience.  (Rigid briefcases tend to be more appealing to men than women.)

Advertisers have a wide range of designs to choose from even while keeping these tips in mind.  Art Promos line of custom printed briefcases have varying features like pockets for water bottles and cell phones, extra inside compartments and more that are suitable for both women and men alike.

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