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Custom Can Coolers, Promotional Koozies

Can coolers aren't just for looks. Those fun little sleeves you put on beverage cans are designed to serve a purpose, or multi-purposes if you're an advertiser. Custom can coolers look great, promote your brand AND keep your drink cool.

Can coolers (sometimes referred to as "Koozies," which is a popular brand of can cooler) are covers or sleeves designed to slide over a standard-size beverage can. "Can coolers" is a bit of an all-encompassing term which can actually refer to sleeves that fit other beverage holders, like bottles and tall cans.

The can cooler is the smaller, more customized cousin of the portable, flexible cooler or ice chest. They help to solve the problem of keeping beverages cool once they're removed from the cooler.  If you happen to be on a sunny beach on a hot summer day, it doesn't take long for your crisp, refreshing soda to become a warm, flat-tasting drink.

In the 1980s a US company came up with an innovative solution to this problem. They created a sleeve that could be slipped over a beverage can or bottle. The sleeve is most often made of foam, but is sometimes made of other types of fabric as well, or a combination of foam and fabric. The material acts as an insulative barrier which keeps cool air from inside the container from escaping.  It also helps to prevent warmer surrounding air from entering the container.  It even has the side benefit of adding extra grip to the can or bottle which might otherwise become slippery with condensation.

The first custom can coolers to be manufactured were named "Koozies."  The name was meant to invoke the idea of "coziness."  This is why today the can cooler is often referred to as a "Koozie," although there are many companies that produce custom can coolers. carries a number of the trademark brand Koozies as well as other brands of custom can coolers.

The design of the custom can cooler is relatively simple, although there are a few variations on the standard design.  Most custom can coolers look just like a sleeve with each end being open.  The user simply slips the sleeve over his can or bottle.  Some custom can coolers have openings on only one end.  The user slips the open end over the can or bottle until the bottom gusset rests against the bottom of the container.  This design prevents the can or bottle from accidentally slipping out of the sleeve.

Koozies and can coolers were a trendy status symbol in the 1990s. They remain popular today because of their enduring practical nature.  They make an effective advertising vehicle for reaching the 20-something generation that enjoys a good party or hanging out at the beach with friends, but their use need not be restricted to a particular age group.  Custom can coolers are ideal for people of all ages and a variety of interests. Art Promos stocks and imprints more than 70 different styles and fun varieties of Koozies and custom can coolers.

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